Friday, March 09, 2012


I have literally "hit the wall" in terms of any kind of blogging inspiration, and last weekend, I was thinking about just Ending This Thing. The whole problem revolves around blogspot-dot-com's mechanism for loading photos. I've torn my hair out over this. (Actually I haven't, that's just my bald spot...) So I went to blogspot-dot-com's site and I learned that the Blog actually works better with the Mozilla Firefox browser, so I'm trying that. Usually, using Internet Explorer, a blog with photos will take easy triple the time it should take, due to photos bouncing around when you're trying to put a photo in a certain place. So...Wish me luck..
Here's a Sunset reflecting upon itself, creating a sort of Double Sunset Effect. The sun is setting directly over the lighthouse out there. I'm walking fairly slowly these days and I was just about halfway back to the car; the damp post-sunset can chill ya pretty doggone fast. There was a record label, MOWEST, which was a division of Motown back in the '70s. Consult the image below...

Here is the "Mowest" label; it was rather short-lived for a couple of years in the early 1970's. This is the version of "What The World Needs Now", that's interspersed with running accounts of the deaths of John and Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. I believe Tom Clay, the narrating voice on this record, was once a famous Dee-Jay in the Los Angeles Area. DJ's probably really loved this record; it was six and a half minutes long, and I speak from experience; 6-minute records really came in handy when faced with the call of Nature! Time to return to the coast now...
This is a photo taken over the bay with the Ocean just behind that strip of land you see. This looks like a typical photo that you'd find in an Easter Card. So why am I taking photos on rainy, foggy days like these? I think it's the manifestation of Cabin Fever. I'VE GOTTA GET OUT, HELP!!! I think it's a great photo, but I temper that with the reasoning that I didn't take a great photo; it's Nature that provided the photo. All I did was click the camera button...

This is a weird special-effects type of photo. The sun was still too bright to look at, so I took it through the blue shading on the top of the windshield. The Sun is trying to set, sinking from an upper cloud layer to a lower cloud layer, and on many days, this is all of the sun one might see down here, especially in ye Rainy Season. The rest of the photo is too blurry. That's my new direction in taking photos: Totally out of focus and making not much sense at all. Ansel Adams is probably rolling over in his grave...
But occasionally, the sun comes out as it did over the weekend, and lo and behold, a 1968 Trans-Am, probably the strongest of all the muscle cars provided me with a great photo-opp. This car looks brand new; every detail gleams and reflects; the body is totally smooth, and I'd love to drive this thing. The guy who owns it told me that, what with gas prices being high, he can only afford to take it out once a week. Gas has been over $4.00 a gallon here, but it's sunk back to Just Below $4.00 a gallon. I'd like to know how many more people buy gas at $3.99, vs. $4.00 a gallon; it's a weird sort of price psychology; the price may be $3.99, but it ain't $4.00, so let's fill up NOW!
Finally, this is my New Self-Portrait, via a Mirror that needs badly to be cleaned. That's my little Canon Powershot A470, and I think it's a great camera because in addition to a fairly powerful zoom mechanism, it's easy to operate. It has a few frills, but basically this is a good little camera. I may try to take videos with it, as soon as I get brave enough to try and learn how. That's me...stuck on stupid more times than I care to admit.

I may be an uninspired blogger, but I'm still paying attention to stuff. I think Santorum, Gingrich, and Romney are Jokes. They don't have a chance against Obama, and because everyone knows that deep down inside, I expect the political races to be d-i-r-t-y this year. Elsewhere, I was sad to hear about the death of guitarist Ronnie Montrose last Saturday, which came only a couple days after The Monkees' Davy Jones departed this earth. And, I was able to finish this post without tossing my computer into the wall. I don't know if Mozilla Firefox made posting this any easier, but at least I got through it...


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