Sunday, January 01, 2012

Just about done with 2-0-1-1...
...and this time, I'm doing the New Years' countdown MY way...

11:43PM: In a way, I'd like to see Dick Clark on TV, just to see how he's doing. But at the same time, in past years, I've felt sorry for him, and maybe I don't want to see him. I like Dick Clark and always have. I've got the TV on the ABC network...that should be the network Dick Clark would appear on...

11:46PM: In-between New Years' festivities, some of the currently famous musical performers are performing, and I haven't heard or seen these acts...who is this rapper-guy, I think they said his name was "Drake" or something that sounds like it?

11:48PM: I'm noticing that the host of this ABC New Years'  broadcast looks a bit like a younger Dick Clark. I watched so many of those Dick Clark programs in the past. I used to watch "Bandstand" back when I was a kid. Now I'm feeling really old.

11:51PM: I've switched over to the FOX network to see what they're doing. So far, Fox has been showcasing newer Country Singers I've never heard of. One of them sang about how an alcoholic beverage will cause women to take off their clothes or some such thing. Yee-Haw...

11:53PM: Oh, so that's Carson Daley. Yeah, we're now back to ABC. I've heard his name a few times but I never actually watched him...he does look a little like Dick Clark. A very little. Dick, hope yer havin' a rockin' New Years' Eve, buddy. Rock and Roll!

11:55PM: Carson Daley and his co-host, a bubbly woman who I've never seen before, are talking about how the music from John Lennon's "Imagine" song will start the ball falling down. The female says that when she hears "Imagine", she gets all "warm and bubbly". Meantime, some black guy with no hair is now singing "Imagine". He's doing a good job on the song, but How I Wish that John Lennon himself was here to sing it.

11:59PM: The countdown is underway, the clock is ticking, the crowd is counting down...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! And I hope everyone has a happy and safe 2012. Oh, by the way, that Black dude singing "Imagine" was See-Low Green (not sure exactly how to spell his name)...and he butchered the last verse of "Imagine" when he tried to sing it an octave higher than when he started the son. I thot he was gonna rupture himself. And I'm hearing booms and pops coming from my own neighborhood. The dogs'll be barking all night tonight!

12:02AM: Well, Carson Daly says another country-music performer is gonna sing, and I've had my fill of exposure to that musical genre, so we're back over to the FOX network. There's a guy in a cowboy hat and white athletic trunks interviewing people in Times Square, and it's making me a little green-in-the-gills...quick! Switch Networks!

12:06AM: Back to ABC! There's yet another Country-music guy I've never seen before. Hey, we're really partying right now. And hey, More Country Music after these commercials!!!

12:12AM: Carson Daly says that "all the people who came out to Times Square are starting to pack in". And seeing as how there's currently another Rapper on stage, it might just be time to leave. I've been asked why so much of this Latter-Day music is so unmemorable...I suppose it's memorable to fans of the genre, but music is so segmented nowadays, what with all the differing Musical Styles out there. I have no idea what it is that attracts people to this stuff. It's quite the mystery to me.

In past years, I've been stone cold sober on most New Years' Eves. My days of Hard Partying are waay behind me. My idea of "Hard Stuff" has changed somewhat as I get older and Older and OLDER. I don't need to party anymore. At my age, I feel like the cartoon in this post without drinking ANYTHING.

I've got my trusty can of Diet Root Beer at my side. And, for some reason, I bought a bottle of whiskey a couple of months ago and its' still just over half full. I have a shot every now and then, although I'm not sure why. And it's pretty rough stuff. I think the time is right for another shot.
I like to think of that bottle of whisky as my "dirty little secret".

12:25AM: Tony Bennett just sang "Watch What Happens", and he's still looking healthy and strong and sounding pretty good. I used to play some of his records on the radio. The station kept a copy of his "San Francisco" album in the studio, and his version of the old country tune, "Candy Kisses", and his version is pretty doggoned good. But now, the same rap group (The Roots?) is doing me another song, and since I have my bottle of whiskey here, I think Mr. Rapper is gonna drive me to drink. Ackthptf.

12:32AM: I've just had that shot of whiskey. Ackpthf!!!!! Well, it's time to end this post, but before I do, I'd like to wish everyone a...



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