Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, everybody...'s just the way I was brought up, I guess...

Our family always had a Christmas Tree, and some of its ornaments were secular, others were religious. My Mom was a churchgoer, so the whole family went to Church, where the sermons in the weeks before Christmas were, of course, of a religious nature with frequent mentions made of God, Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the Three Wise men, King Herod and Shepherds. So there were some things I eventually became hard-wired into believing.
I think Christmas should be about reverence, no matter what beliefs you may suscribe to. I would like to think that we all pray to the same God, and that all of the different religions are just different ways of Getting to the Same Place. I'm sad that Religious things at Christmas have become politically incorrect. I am far from being a furtive believer, but I do believe. People who say there's only one way to get to Heaven are trying to put themselves above others, in my opinion.

So, I'd like to wish the Entire World a Merry Christmas. Take care, everybody.


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