Sunday, August 21, 2011

...of Cameras, Birds, Cassettes, DVD's, all in a disorganized heap...

Last week, I left the house, got into my car; I had bills to pay and items to find at the thrift shops. But as I entered my car, I noticed a bunch of items piled on top of the dashboard. And, all of a sudden, I couldn't find my digital camera, which I left in my car from time to time. I love taking pictures, and ya never know when a photo opportunity is gonna present itself. And not only was the camera gone, my cam's battery charger was gone too. And that's all. My guitar and a few hundred cassette tapes were still in the car. Which means, a typical opportunistic thief isn't gonna want very much of anything I might possess.

"CASSETTE TAPES", you say??? What, are you a DINOSAUR?" I guess I resemble that. A long time ago I went to a Dodge/Chrysler dealership to try and find a DVD player for my car; my car was barely five years old, and I was told, "Sorry, the factory thinks your car is too old and custom DVD players for your car no longer exist." They suggested that I could get a standard-looking DVD player and have it installed elsewhere near your car. I asked if they could send the DVD's volume through my existing speakers. The dealership said "No." Damn, I hate the word "No", especially since I don't ask that much to begin with.

The Camera that I had was a Canon Powershot A470. Easy to use, no owners' manual needed, and designed for the Total Idiot, like me. Actually, I had two of those cameras. Somehow my first Canon absorbed some sort of violent shot, and my viewscreen was all broken, and so I got another one, since I already had the Canon software installed into my computer. A few months ago, a Parrot I had at the time found my camera, and proceeded to try and chew off the lens. As a result, the bottom shutter wouldn't work, although the top shutter still did. A few months later, the top shutter fell out, but the camera still worked! That tough little camera was like the proverbial Timex Watch that Took a Licking and Kept On Ticking! (John Cameron Swayze, remember him? He was the announcer on those old Timex TV ads).

That 1st Canon camera was the one which was stolen. Now I don't know much about cameras, but I'm beginning to think the little Vivitar camera I've got now isn't as high up the food chain as my long-lost Canons. I don't think it's gonna zoom out as far as the Canon, but I got it for $50 bucks, and now that I know what most of the buttons on it do, I'm gonna give it the Amazing Oregon Coast Photo Workout. Which means I'll be snapping photos like before with a different camera. Like the guy in the "Dry Eyes" commercials says, "Wow...)

The first photo is a shot taken about half a year ago with my Canon Camera. This is a Pied Cockatiel, and it's hard to tell the gender of the bird; both Males and Females have bright head feathers. Of course as they mature, the males make more noise, whistling away non-stop, driving everyone around them nuts. The next phot, taken yesterday with the "Vivitar" camera, is a little female gray cockatiel. In this case, it's easy to tell what the genders are; the female grays have gray head feathers while the males have yellow feathers on their heads or cheeks.


George Harrison, ex-Beatle, turned Author back in the 1980s with his book "I Me Mine", said in the preface that the creation of that book was agonizing, frustrating and miserable. And he tells those who bought his book that "now it's your turn to suffer the same". And so it goes for this here post.


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