Thursday, July 07, 2011

...along with hayfever and high humidity...

It's been nice to be able to go out and see some sunshine, which can be a tricky task here on the Southern Oregon Coast. From what I've found, the months with the most sunshine here are September and October. Right now, there seems to be a couple of cloudy/rainy days in-between each day of sunshine. I posted recently about my hayfever and I might have found something, an Over-The-Counter medication which is labeled as "Ceterizine HCI" that appears to be working. The sneezes still happen, though not much, and the eyes aren't watering up as badly. Here in Oregon, the Sudafed-type-stuff can only be obtained by prescription. Boo!

Next to hayfever, the "High Humidity" part has been the roughest thing I've had to cope with; I've always perspired slowly (too much info, probably), and on humid days it's difficult to MOVE sometimes. Off comes the hat, the thin jacket is jettisoned, and relief is finally found when it cools off at night. But enough of's said pictures are worth a thousand words, so I hope the snapshots I took (see below) manage to "total" somewhere close to that amount. Photography is something I've found that I really enjoy; it provides incentive to seek out new things, or finding new ways to portray the same old things, which is mostly what I do since I don't travel an awful lot. So sit back, take off yer shoes and gaze...

I'd just pulled into the boat launch area parking lot when I saw Mr. Seagull
checking me out to see if I had any food...

A big ship, guided by a tugboat brigade, is assisted through the
intricate nooks and crannies of the Coos Bay Harbor.

Most of the time, small boats cannot near the ocean because the waters are so turbulent.
This little boat is in the 'bar' with the North Jetty in the background.

Area residents are shown gathering together, around campfires on the beach far below me.
That's when the "night shift" begins; I always leave just after sunset.

Here's the Pelican Death Brigade; they're looking for fish and when they see easy prey,
they go into free-fall, smacking into the water, and then, "GULP!"

This boat is the dredge ship, "Yaquina", which scoops out the bottom of the bay.
Here, it's headed to an offshore dump site, before coming back in again...

So there ya have it, some photos taken during "those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer". So far this year, the temperature has not been above 75 degrees, which is good because I get even lazier during hot temperatures! (if that's possible...)


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