Friday, July 08, 2011

...and people are gonna have to learn to deal with it...

Casey Anthony is going to be free in a few days, and there's lots of Angry Folks around the nation who are royally P.O.'ed. She'll be walking among us again soon. She'll probably never have any real peace of mind. People aren't prepared to feel that Casey didn't kill her child. No matter where she goes, she'll be the object of speculation; she'll probably always have to look over her shoulder, and perhaps she'll never really feel like she's free, unless she's so narcisstic that she doesn't care about anyone's feelings and in that case, she won't feel as if she's wrong in the first place. The (very remote) possibility exists that someone or something else caused the death of her child. Is She Guilty? I think she did Something wrong, but what, exactly, I don't know..

She can never be tried again for her daughter's death. It's called "double jeopardy" which the Constitution has outlawed. It is the system that our lives are regulated by; it's the system that sends the guilty to jail while protecting the innocent, although none of us are so naive to think that every case is black-and-white and automatically resolve themselves in the name of the Common Good. It's the system, it's the way it is! People who are angry about this don't have a life, and they need to Get One. I'm not so much outraged as I am incredulous. O.J. all over again. She beat the rap. She Skated. She'll be cut loose soon. And if you're mad about that, Get Over It!

Look...there's a (very small) possibility that she didn't do it. Nothing can connect, in a physical sense, "Totmom" with her daughter's death. There was all kinds of evidence that inferred all kinds of things, but no one piece of evidence that could directly connect her with her daughter's death. I'm no lawyer, but even I could see that. And as I posted a couple of posts ago, I was afraid she might "skate". But there's nothing anyone can do about it now. Yes, the shock of it all was felt around the country. Personally, I was shocked by the O.J. trial of 1994, and how he managed to "skate" (bad knees and all). And I feel the same with the whole Casey Anthony thing.

I want to point out one thing that I haven't heard anyone address so far. Of course, it's been mentioned that in the Mark Peterson case, lots of evidence was presented, but like the Anthony case, nothing could directly connect Peterson to the murders of his wife and unborn child. And right now he sits in squalor in San Quentin Prison, with a death sentence hanging over his head. A male ends up facing execution while a female, with no direct evidence against her, is going free soon. Why is that? Do people feel better about sending a male to death row? That might be an interesting point to ponder. We all have biases contained within, even though we might not be aware of all those biases. And it's generally known that a female is less likely to be given the death penalty.

As far as Casey Anthony, she has a right to be able to live like a human being. She has been found not guilty, but in this case, 'not guilty' might not mean Innocent. Or it might. We'll probably never know. So if you're wanting to spew hate her way, if you want to do away with her yourself, if you want to stalk her or scream profane accusations at her if you see her in a shopping mall somewhere, DON'T. Let it pass. Just Let It Go. I haven't been around for 57 years myself without finding out that Life Does Not Automatically Go Your Way. It's all just Something That Happened, and that's where to leave it. Done. Finito. That's it; I'll get off my soapbox now.


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