Tuesday, July 05, 2011

...it's as easy as learning your A-B-C's...

As the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando, Florida ran its course, I had a little nagging premonition that she just might skate. After all, it happened with O.J. Simpson way back a long time ago. Mostly, though, I thought she might get convicted of either a 2nd-degree murder charge, or perhaps manslaughter. This is because although the prosecution presented hundreds of evidence, they couldn't place the proverbial Dagger In Her Hand. The prosecution, at best, only was able to assemble a circumstantial case. After all, no one saw Casey Anthony put the child in her car trunk and gas her with chloroform. No one saw Casey Anthony throw her daughter's trash-bag-enclosed body into the woods only 2 minutes away from her house. And since there was nothing left of Casey Anthony's little daughter Caylee but Bones only, there were no abuse marks anywhere, since all the tissue had decomposed.

What a strange expression for a child.
Could it be she was on to her mom?
Caylee Anthony had been missing for 31 days. In that time, Casey, far from acting anything like a concerned, grieving parent, partied her little tush off, and in general, behaved like a Very Bad Girl. During that period, Casey would call Mom and tell her that she, Casey, was in Tallahassee, or in Timbuktoo, anywhere except the town they were living in, Orlando. Casey said that her little daughter was with "Zannie the nanny" or at a myriad of other places. Casey lied, lied, and lied some more. Prosecutors hammered away at Casey, saying that her daughter interfered with the "party girl" role that starred Casey ("Totmom" to that pitbull-in-a-skirt, Nancy Grace) in the lead role. Finally the jig was up. Casey's mom, Cindy, learned, after 31 days, that her grandchild was missing. Casey said that she had been searching for her child for 31 days. Lie. Casey said that Zanny The Nanny took little Casey because she, Zanny, told her, Casey, that she, Casey was a bad mother. Lie. And, through her lawyers, Casey said her father, George, molested her. Also, said Casey through her lawyers, George had found little Caylee floating in the backyard swimming pool, and that he took Caylee's body and threw it in the woods. Lie Again.

During the trial, Casey's mom, Cindy, said that she, Cindy, did all those searches for Chloroform and Neck-Breaking on the family computer, not Casey. It was proven through computerized time sheets that Cindy was lying, that she was at work when the home computer searches were made. Ironically, Cindy might face a 15-year sentence for Perjury. What really happened was that Casey, who was basically free all day, snuck home while her parents were gone and did the searches HERSELF. So in this case, there was Motive: Casey didn't want her little daughter anymore, because she wanted to live the party lifestyle. There were Means: Trash bags with maggots, duct tape near Caylee's skull, and DNA in the skeleton that proved it was indeed Little Caylee Anthony, whose body had been in the trunk of Casey's car for quite a while before being tossed in woods that were so congested that vines and plants were actually growing through what was left of little Caylee. And there was opportunity: Casey had plenty of time on her hands to toss Caylee's body into the woods like just another sack of garbage. The jury must have felt that little Caylee jumped into the woods all by herself, then she put the trash bags over herself and drifted off to sleep, suffocating in the process. It's said "you never know what a Jury's gonna do", and this case certainly hammers that home! Could it be the Jury pleasantly IGNORED the prosecution in this case? It looks like it!

To me, the jurors should have been able to make the connection. They didn't. Or maybe they did, but felt there wasn't enough evidence. (Over 300 pieces of evidence were presented by the prosecution). Maybe the jury took things Too Literally. Or perhaps the problem was that they were permitted to think for themselves. Or perhaps the jury had a love affair with defense attorney Jose Baez, who is without doubt, the most disgusting human being I've ever seen. If nothing else, I thought Casey Anthony would be convicted of Manslaughter, which doesn't involve premeditation or wanton, unresponsible disregard for human life. I thot she was guilty of Something. After all, the final question to the jury, submitted at Closing Arguments by prosecutor Linda Drane-Burdick was, "who would benefit the most from Caylee not being around?" Grandfather George? No, for he loved his little grand-daughter. Grandmother Cindy? No, for it was she who had called 911 saying Casey's car smelled like there'd been a decomposing body in the trunk. She also said her daughter "needed to be arrested". Casey herself? She was reputed to have put Caylee in the trunk either before or after "chloroforming" her, and covering her mouth with Duct Tape so she couldn't cry out. That way, Casey could party hearty and spend the night with who knows who.

I'm thinking that the Sequestered Jury placed only Cursory Value on the prosecution's evidence, and although there were 300-plus items of evidence, the jury only spent 6 hours yesterday and perhaps a small portion of today determining that Casey Anthony Wasn't The Devil after all. I'm convinced that they barely looked at the evidence. If they had, they would've been in deliberation AT LEAST 2 or 3 days. During the trial, George Anthony testified that the last person he saw with Caylee was Casey, and that he just "put 1 and 1 together". The Jury NULLIFIED that comment. So where does Casey go now? She's said her father's a molester. She lied to he and Cindy over and over. And over again. If I were Casey, I'd go get some dramatic plastic surgery done, then snag herself a rich guy who'll take her out of the country. For Casey, the entire United States is one great big fishbowl. At any rate, this just-concluded trial is Something we can learn from. If you want to kill your child, this is how you do it:

1. Take your little child, and disappear  for an extended period of time. Do't forget to  tell family members that you're somewhere else instead of where you actually are.
2. Make all kinds of new friends and acquaintances that don't know, or care, about your personal life. Make sure they like to party hearty and stay drunk most of the time.
3. Make sure the garbage dump you've selected is out-of-the-way and under water at least part of the time before throwing your dead child in with the rest of the trash.

Murder by numbers, 1-2-3, it's as easy as learning your ABC's.

"Murder By Numbers" is a song that the Police recorded; it was issued in 1983 as the B-side to the single, "Every Breath You Take", and was not featured on any album for a long time. I think it's one of the better songs they did. The song was issued on the Cassette of the "Synchronicity" album, but not the vinyl LP. Finally, to those who may be offended by this posting: I turned up my Sarcasm Meter Waay Up for this post. Although it may be closer to the truth than you or I know.


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