Sunday, June 12, 2011

SHE (allegedly) DID A BAD, BAD THING...
...trials and tribulations happening in the Sunshine State...
"THE WHOLE WORLD'S WATCHING!!!" yelled protesters at 1968's Democratic Convention in Chicago. That same phrase could sum up the Casey Anthony Trial which is underway in sunny Orlando, Florida, although Casey isn't seeing a whole lot of sun these days. Going to court can be a real bummer, huh? Casey Anthony allegedly put duct tape over her three-year-old daughter Caley's mouth and stuffed her in the car's trunk; Caley allegedly died there and Casey's alleged to have driven her friends around with her dead daughter in that trunk of her car for a few days before dumping the body in a wooded area near her house. The jawbone, which is normally separated from the skull when bodies are dumped, was (theoretically) held in place by Duct Tape near where the skull was found. If convicted, Casey could get the death penalty for killing her daughter. And mobs of people compete for seats at the trial early, every morning. It's crazy.
If you enter "Casey Anthony Raw Video" into a search engine, you'll find sites where you can watch, uncut, unedited tapes of the trial. It's time-consuming stuff for sure, but it provides a fascinating portrayal of Florida's well-oiled Legal System in Action. Back in 2008, CSI had collected hundreds of items, and the Prosecution spent all last week, and will spend all this week, absolutely burying the Defense with Evidence. Casey's only recourse, short of being found innocent? She could always allege that she had an inadequate defense, since Chief Defense Attorney Jose Baez seems to trip all over himself and makes rookie mistakes in the courtroom, according to reports I've read. I'm really looking forward to the case the Defense will put on next week. I wanna see what those Sleazeball attorneys pull out of the muck. I'm afraid things are gonna get nasty. By the way, did you notice the way I used the word "allegedly" in this post? Could I be a lawyer too?

THAT DOES NOT COMPUTE: I think I have what is known as the "blacksmith's touch". I dropped my computer a few weeks ago and it quit picking up the Wireless Internet signal. So I had to buy a gizmo which plugged into my computer's USB port that picks up the signal. Well, that gizmo broke this week when I bumped my computer into the side of my La-Z-Boy recliner. The "blacksmith's touch", I tell ya. So for a while, I had to use an Ethernet cable to get online. Last night, a popup with my connections popped up (as popups are prone to do), and voila, there was my Wireless Internet, which I clicked on, so now I'm Wireless Again! (cue up Andy Williams' version of "Born Free"...)

SWEET, SWEET IRONY: I don't follow politics a whole lot, but there's this congressman whose last name is Weiner. He's sent pictures of his crotch-bulge to a few young girls, and now he's elected to go and seek professional help, while Congress is doing its best to convert his temporary absence a more permanent one .As in "unelectable". Are you in doubt as in how to pronounce his name? Just sing this phrase: "Oh, I'd Love to be an OSCAR MEYER _________".

NO, I DIDN'T INHALE: Menthol or not, lots of smokers have a tough time quitting. No, I don't smoke. But I've worn dentures for the last 3 years, and if food or milk gets trapped in the upper plate it can really leave a bad taste, so I combat that with Tic-Tac Breath Mints (White), and I feel like I've become addicted to them. Something about the menthol. Although, I can quit any time I want. I Really can. But don't go to 7-11 to get your white Tic-Tacs; the 7-11 corporation makes their own white breath mints. And they're not as good. Although they, too, contain a lot of menthol. I found that menthol actually helped me get through a recent allergy attack. Ahhhhhh, Minty!

THIS YEAR'S SEATTLE MARINERS: Ichiro is shown hitting, among other things, a Tic-Tac (white) breath mint, among other things in one of this year's nifty Mariners promo spots. He's been having some trouble this year with baseballs, though. His batting average is down, he hasn't hit even One home run yet this season, but he's working on it, I guess. Meanwhile, this year's squad has played some lousy baseball, but have played very good baseball too. Their record reflects that; they're still hovering around the .500 mark so far this year. The Pitching, oveall, is quite solid. If we could get our hitters going, maybe we could get somewhere. But this year's team is so much better than last year's. They hang tough in close games and often find ways to win. I don't care about the M's going to the Series (tho it would be nice), but at least they're Respectable.

WHOSE REALITY?: There are so many Reality shows on these days that they're driving me nuts. Most of them feature people screaming at, and hitting, other people. I won't watch the "Repo" series, I won't watch "Hard Core Pawn", and when I see the "Bad Girls Club" coming up next, I run for the remote. I won't watch "Cops" because even though I respect 'em, I don't like 'em. And I'm tired of "Dog, The Bounty Hunter", although I still watch it sometimes. My favorites are "Ice-Road Truckers", "Pawn Stars" and "American Pickers", although the skinny guy with the big nose bugs me sometimes. Each of those shows are informative, and feature engaging characters and a good sense of humor. I must admit I used to watch Anna Nicole Smith's show, 'cos it was so stupid, and the reality show, "Family Plots" that featured a family who owns a Mortuary. Creepy, huh?

A THOUSAND WORDS?: To those of you who've read the above muckraking, here's a couple little pieces of Eye Candy (without Menthol) for ya's. The South Coast of Oregon: No heatwaves here...if you click , the pics and they'll get really huge...

A fishing boat enters Coos Bay Harbor.
I'd imagine the crew was really looking
forward to getting off the rough windy sea.
Sunset on the bay. The Ocean is
just beyond a narrow strip of land,
known as the North Spit.


In my last post, about allergies, I found I'd repeated myself; I posted something similar a couple years ago, so I really did try to keep this post fresh, vivacious and calorie-free. I'm not quite ready to use old age as an excuse for not remembering what I'd posted before!


Anonymous Nick said...

i hope that she gets off, not to justify careless manslaughter, but solely as a testimony against the injustices of the trial. honestly, i hope that she repents, and is born again. JESUS did not die so that people should fry—a real day of Judgment is coming.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Lil ol' me... said...

Jose Baez, Casey's lawyer, is doing everything he can to obfuscate, stall, hinder and eradicate any kind of a sense of proper justice in this case. I think the trial will proceed, Casey Anthony will be convicted of something, and after that, Jose Baez himself may undergo a painful censure by officials of the state of Florida. In short, Baez is doing his utmost to sabotage this trial. It's a disgrace to see grown, educated, learned men to act like spoiled brats.

11:22 PM  

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