Tuesday, June 21, 2011

...just when I thought I didn't have anything to post...

This first photo was taken at sunset a few nights ago at Bastendorff Beach, 6 miles south of Coos Bay, Oregon. As the sun descended, I saw an "extra" illumination on the sun's left side (shown in this photo) as well as one on the Sun's right (not in the picture). In short, this photo depicts a sort of light image accompanying the Sun . Maybe some sort of atmospheric 'ring' which means something weather-wise...?

Taken at Bastendorff Beach, it's obvious someone went to an awful lot of work to construct this elaborate castle of sand; the architect just had to be a kid (or kids) with all of the energy us older people wish we still had. However, even the best sand castles will succumb when high tide returns. Jimi Hendrix once sang, "Castles made of sand...fall into the sea...eventually".

Here's a photo I took at Cape Arago State Park; even though I've been to the Cape quite a few times, I'd never ventured to this particular site, which was taken at one of the park's picnic areas, looking southward. This photo gives you an idea of how large some of the cliffs around here are. There's a trail from here that zigzags down to the ocean and when I get crazy enough, I'll descend it...with camera, of course...

This photo looks almost 100 feet straight down. What am I, Nuts!?!? I have Vertigo! And my balance isn't very good, either. This was as close as I dared get to the edge. Face Your Fears, they say. All I know is, my gut was tied in knots. I was leaning against a tree trunk so I could keep my balance. Why is it, that when you get close to the edge of something, you feel as if you were getting pulled in? Or down?

It's been Nine, Nueve, 9 days since my last post. And I'm not going to let this blog die without a fight. Although, the great weather and ultra-long days do lessen the frequency of what I do here. But that's okay; both you and I can enjoy these photos when the winter winds come a-blowin'.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is "skeer" from the Seattle Times Mariner blog. Your blog is interesting and the pictures are cool. I haven't finished going over it but it's late and I'll finish tomorrow. Just wanted to let you see I came in looked at it. Probably better I comment here than on the baseball blog, since I write so much off-topic stuff and irritate people with it as it is. I enjoy passing comments back and forth with you over there. When I read this more thoroughly tomorrow, I'll come back in and say more.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is skeer again after having read more. I won't comment on Casey or any of that because it's nothing I am emotionally invested in. What I want to comment on is your own comments about the bin Laden mission. I pretty much mirror your thoughts, although I have to admit not being certain the truth of 911 has emerged and bin Laden's and the Bush adminstration, and Saudi Arabia, and ISI's (Pakistani intelligence)
part has been fully explored.
Otherwise, unlike some of those on the baseball blog, it seems we might come close to agreement on many political views. I let myself get into long interactions with people on the blog when I shouldn't, but I don't tend to back down in such cases when people challenge me.

Sometimes I'm not defending myself so much as other people who are attacked, but in so doing, I often end up looking like the blog's attack dog. Sooner or later I'll get banned and when I do, I intend to go away and not start over.

(I was curious, however, if you would mention the part that participating in the baseball blog plays in your life.)

Also, I agree with a lot of your musical choice and have a fairly big and growing collection of music from the '60's, '70's, and '80's)

That's enough said. See you back on the baseball blog.

12:45 AM  

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