Wednesday, May 25, 2011

INVERSE PROPORTIONS... related to assorted coastal landmarks...

Think of the following photos as a gauge of distance, framed by geographical locations which show how far one point is from another point. And then looking at that 'other' point from the point you ended up at (Does that make sense?).

First, we'll start with Cape Arago, which is only about 8 miles south of where I live on the Oregon Coast. It's a beautiful place, situated on a point some 100+ feet above the ocean. On top is a circular viewing deck made of stone, from where I took this photo. Looking south, you can see a point of land way off in the distance; that's where the town of Bandon is. I took photos of the mighty seastacks of Bandon which were placed on a previous post here in this blog. In this photo, Bandon is probably 20+ miles from this location. That's your reference point. Well, one of the reference points, anyway. If you look straight down the cliff in the foreground you can see a tide-pool sort of area; before I took this photo, I saw seals swimming down there, nibbling on the seaweed, I guess...several years ago, a car veered off this cliff, and the driver survived! That's a trip I wouldn't want to take.

Another location in an earlier post, "Seven Devils" was featured in still another recent post. (Both of those posts are no more than 2 or 3 weeks back, so they should be easy to find.) Seven Devils is located between Cape Arago and Bandon. This photo looks north from Seven Devils and that's Cape Arago, where I took the previous photo from, off in the distance. As you can see, the land in these parts either tumbles into the ocean, or was sheared away abrupty by massive geological events, resulting in steep cliffs, graced with a bit of beach. Whatever the case, the views are outstanding. There is so much to see; I want to see it all and take it home with me. With photos, I can do that.

This photo was included in one of the recent posts I referred to above, used here as yet another point of reference. The land dips into a small valley where a creek runs, and then rises once again into ocean cliffs; this is the area known as "Seven Devils" which is a day park/picnic area of sorts. On this particular day, the air was rich with moisture, the wind was brisk, and it was a nice day to be out there. This place is rather difficult to get to; you've got to access winding, twisting two-lane roads to get here. And I had to travel 20-odd miles of road just to get 7 or 8 miles down the coast, but the solitude is worth it.

Now this is where everything begins to get really interesting. The Cape Arago photo at the top of this post, is also where this shot was taken from. In the middle right section of coastline, you can see that aforementioned Seven Devils portion of coastline, where the land rises "back into Ocean Cliffs" (see previous paragraph). I'd say Seven Devils is probably 7 or 8 miles away; maybe more; it's difficult to gauge distances using a Zoom Lens, which sort-of shoves everything together. At times, the air is very misty which makes it difficult to catch detail when it's far away. For a closer look, you can click on all the photos here and you'll get expanded versions to examine when you've got nothing else to do...

This next photo was taken a couple of weeks ago, from just north of Bandon, at Bullard's Beach State Park, where a lighthouse is situated. In this photo, we're looking back north at Cape Arago, some 20+ off in the distance, with the Seven Devils area somewhere in between. So, on a somewhat meager sort of fashion, I've tried to establish some sort of interrelationship between points and other points. And, hey, if it doesn't make sense, or if I've erred in some magnanimous way, at least the views are good! Pure Eye Candy! Spending time out here is tremendously thereapeutic. It's calming, out in all that weather with the ocean roaring constantly.

Finally, I know it takes valuable energy to try and make sense out of what I attempt to establish here. And I'm grateful that you stopped by to see my latest bout of ill-logic. As your reward, here's a view of an ocean sunset, taken back up towards Coos Bay, from where I launched the expedition that resulted in this innocuous post. Eye candy just for you. And you've gotta admit, Mother Nature is quite an artist when she wants to be. This was taken from the Bastendorff Beach Overlook, which is about 100 feet above, a quarter-mile away from, the ocean. Supposedly, the horizon is 25 miles away. And, the day is ending...

I was wondering when I was gonna be able to post these photos; ever since I re-loaded Windows 7 recently, my photo-loader was out of sync. Thru some great technical advice from the folks at Canon Camera Corp., I was able to get it going again. Now if I could just figure out the rest of this computer, I'd be on the way!


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