Friday, May 27, 2011

Dance Your Last Dance, Party Girl...
...the Casey Anthony Case in all of its dubious splendor...

She's accused of killing her little daughter. In 2008, all of a sudden her little daughter wasn't around anymore. She disappeared in mid-June of that year. The little girl, Caylee, had been missing for one solid month before the authorities were contacted. And, it was the Grandmother (Casey's Mom) who did the contacting. And for the entire month that little Caylee was un-reported as Missing, her mom, Casey, just partied her little heart out in bars and nightclubs, while her daughter was Out There, Somewhere. During that month, Casey, with little Caylee, found men's apartments to sleep in and otherwise occupy. In mid-June, the people Casey and little Caylee were living with, all of a sudden, weren't seeing little Caylee around anymore.

Casey told her acquaintances that she was working at Universal Pictures as an Event Planner. She lied to them. She wasn't working there, and hadn't for a couple of years. But she carried a Universal photo-badge ID, and pretended to get herself ready each morning and head to work. Well, she got the pretending part right. She did 'something' all day long; who knows what. During that time, she went out "clubbing" with many people who she didn't know well. She even entered a "hot body contest". She wasn't the hottest body there. Far from it, in fact. But now she's known as "totmom", a sweeping title bestowed upon her by that Queen of understatement, Nancy Grace. (Hint: Nancy Grace and Piranhas have similar genetic makeups.)

Well, the authorities put two and two together, interviewed, and later arrested "Totmom" and she's been in the slammer since then. Her trial finally got underway this week, and her lawyer, legal buffoon Jose Baez, came out of the corner swinging, accusing Casey's Dad of Molesting Casey, and accusing her family of covering up all kinds of mean, nasty and ugly things. This means, basically, that the Defense Team, with the approval of Casey Anthony, sold her family down the river. Casey's Dad was on the stand today, questioned ad infinitum about a missing gas can, and he accused Attorney Baez of baiting him and making him mad. Good for You, Mr. Anthony. And, folks, the trial ain't even One Week Old yet. It's supposed to last for the next couple of months. It's a Death Penalty case. Casey cries her heart out in court every day. Her lawyers have the word "Smokescreen" written on their foreheads.

Those who theorize about such things say that Casey wanted to live the "good life", and for 31 days, that's what she did. She Became a "Stupid Party Girl" (look up that phrase on YouTube) and Danced The Night Away. Everyone she met, whether ex-boyfriends, room-mates or people she partied with, say that Casey never expressed any anguish, fear, anxiousness or even the slightest bit of concern for her Missing Daughter. In December '08, Little Caylee was found in a wooded area near Casey's Parents' Home, where she and her daughter had been living. Little Caylee's skull was wrapped with duct tape, and her bones were scattered around that area.

If you choose, you can see our Justice System in action every single day 'til trial's end; various Florida TV stations provide raw video so you can see this travesty for yourself; if you've got Cable, you can also see it on Tru TV (formerly Court TV). I can just see Tru TV executives dancing in the aisles; "Everyone's Gonna Watch This Trial; our ratings will go up and Up and UP and we can make Lots of Juicy Advertising Revenue!!!" Regarding this trial's outcome, I'd initially thought that since it seems to be more difficult to send women to Death Row, that Casey would probably get Life with No Parole. I'm not so sure now. Experts (if there is such a thing in these cases) say that Casey's uncaring behavior was the main force that tipped the scales, causing the State of Florida to pursue the Death Penalty. Florida's not a good place to get into trouble, by the way. If you're going to kill someone, Don't Do It There. Florida's Death Penalty can be summed up thusly: "We...Never...Close", so saith the character Horatio Caine of "CSI: Miami".

This is a country with Justice For All. We The Citizens are indeed cloaked, yea, verily, within the vast shroud of Justice and have been, since the days of George Washington and his wooden false teeth. It's a big system, with the inherent sluggishness that a big system seems to operate with. One author said that justice is like a train heading towards you; it seems like it takes forever to get to ya, and THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN IT'S HERE, CLANG-CLANG-CLANG!!!!!, and so it is with Miss Casey Anthony. She is on trial. She is accused of doing something very Mean and Awful. But this is a country with Justice For All. Even Casey Anthony is cloaked in justice...
What not to do with Old Glory...

The above photo was taken during the period of time Casey's Daughter went missing. In a death penalty state like Florida, photos like this don't bode well. There are other developments in this trial which I haven't referred to which further solidify the case against Miss Anthony, but I'll stop here. I think it's quite safe to say that she's in a whole lot of trouble.


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