Monday, April 11, 2011

...Okay, Okay!!! I think I'm back in business here...

Well, Ain't this a fine way to go? Grand Funk Railroad once sang, "No matter how hard you push on the door, it won't open without the key". And it turned out I had the key. After installing, re-installing, deleting and re-re-installing my Javascript program, nothing worked. So I went back to the Blogger site, trying to find some sort of "fix" on the site, and it turns out resembles HAS ISSUES! Except that "Blogger" errors are fixable. My own neuroses are probably not.

So I went into, selected the New Editor, got the blog fixed (I hope) and now I get the chance to once again expose all of you to my Blogging Neuroses! So what I'm gonna do here is post some photos that I couldn't post before, and treat 'em as if I've never posted them before. Hah. Now I'm stealing from myself. Okay, how about some photos I've taken (fairly) recently; "old news" since they were taken just after my previous post back in mid-March. I've tried posting these photos probably half a million times, so I'll try it again; hang on!

TURBULENCE ON THE SOUTH COAST: Just because we don't have much snow in the winter don't mean that we don't have winter; she just presents herself in a different way. The Jetties down here on the bay are really important to the area's economy, because every boat that gets into the bay has to cross the "bar", which consists of a jetty on either side of the passageway. I've read that most of these jetty rocks average one to two tons, so you'd think they'd be pretty hard to move. "Hah", says Ma Nature. She gets her temper in a twist, and proceeds to rip boulders off the jetty, scattering 'em all over the place. I once sat atop the South Jetty, when a wave came down on ME. It felt like someone had dropped an Anvil on my head. That's known as "Wile E. Coyote" Syndrome.

In this photo, a crashing wave heads towards Chicken Point, on top of which is the Coast Guard observation building. It's called "Chicken Point" because in days of olde, fishermen planning on going out to sea stood atop the point, and if they decided not to go out because of the waves, they were "Chicken". So there's a little piece o'folklore for ya's. It's days like this that the Coast Guard absolutely forbids boats to go out there. Not exactly a day for a leisurely cruise.

On this particular day, I resembled the title of a Led Zeppelin song, "Fool In The Rain". The wind was blowing so hard that it was coming down sideways. After 15-20 minutes, I had to escape to my car, and if you'd thrown me in the ocean, I couldn't have been any wetter. This second photo was taken between waves, and the ground looks like a moonscape; all of those scattered rocks were once atop the jetty. Mother Nature's fury on display, for sure. 

This last photo shows an improvement in the weather; at least I was able to stay dry, and I wasn't the only person on the beach 'cos the sun was out, and usually it's really difficult to time the camera-snap to coincide with waves crashing, but on this day, the ocean was so turbulent that virtually every time I took a shot, it featured a wave. And for sure, on days like this, a person can feel really small and ineffective. But mostly, you come away realizing that it's not an ideal day for swimming or a picnic on the beach.

I'm sure that I'd get seasick on a day like this; some of the waves can be 10-14 feet high (or more) on any given day, and that's what you encounter...pitch...roll...pitch some more...roll some more. I've seen boats turn around and come back in due to the size of the waves. There's a high cliff near here, with the unglorious name of Chicken Point. The name came from fishermen, who went out to the point, studied the weather, and came away with "nope...ain't goin' out thar!" They were "chicken". I'd be, too. I don't handle rolling waves too well.

Before posting this last portion, I've gone back in and edited some things, and for starters, it turns out I posted a fairly coherent blog, both in linguistics as well as appearance. And I'm finding I don't have to make much sense as long as the blog looks good. How shallow of me...


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