Wednesday, January 05, 2011

IT DOESN'T MATTER BUT MAYBE IT DOES... I went ahead and installed it...
Maybe I don't have the most profound blog ever. Maybe some of it is really really dumb. I know at times, my thoughts race ahead of my typing ability. Many is the time I've proofread the blog, content that there are no mistakes in it, but the next time I saw the blog, it had mistakes that I hadn't caught the day before. But lately, I've received no responses, no feedback, no it all boils down to this...are people actually lurking here but not commenting? (Those who fall into that category are called "blurkers", I've found out.) If you "blurk", it's time for you to stand up and be counted. But wait, I've let technology do that for you. It's a Hit Counter, it's the first thing you come to in the left margin, and there it is, beseeching everyone worldwide to keep returning time and time again and ye shalt all be counted. Which means that when I'm editing this blog, I have to remember to use the "Preview" function so I won't inflate my 'visitors totals'.
I've been posting a whole lot lately. Why, I'm not sure. I think some of it has to do with the new pair of Cockatiels that moved in with me a little more than a month ago. They will scream their little bird-butts off if I don't have the bird room totally dark by 5PM. More time for me to blog, since they've chased me outta the bird room, into the bedroom, where this blog is posted. Yes, that's my life. What do I do in the bedroom? I post, then I sleep. Yawn. But there is a silver lining to that, which is, since I don't keep my new computer in the bird room, I don't get bird seeds working their way in-between the keyboard buttons. Occasionally, on my old computer, once in a while I'd press a key and hear a "crunch" noise, in which I'd squashed a seed as I attempted to type.
They're not yet a year old; the white one is the female and the gray one is male, who sings and carries on, and he's fun (at times) to listen to. His previous owner taught him the Andy Griffith song, you know, that tune that's whistled at the beginning & ending of episodes. Thing is, the bird knows probably a third of the song, after which the following notes just kinda scatter all over the place. The female just sits there, aloof to everything, spending a lot of her time preening herself, and makes it obvious she doesn't like me very much. The male is a bit tamer, although he doesn't like a lot of handling either. I try to make sure and give them 2 or 3 supervised hours out of the cage a day, but any more than that and they end up driving me nuts. So I put 'em in the cage and then go away. I got 'em for $75, with the cage included, which is a good deal as long as I don't go crazy trying to figure them out. So why did I get them? How long will I keep them? Answer to both: I don't know.
Ohmygosh, another blog post. How about that. So far this blog, this year, has been more reactionary than it was for much of last year. Maybe I'll make it to 2,000 posts. Which means I've got 1800 more posts to do. I'd better stop thinking like that, tho, or I'll never get anything posted.


Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

oh my what pretty birds.... we still have major and fat heathers replacement called Rose.... Major continues to learn new words and new tunes to whistle which is hilarious, yet Rose is dumb and is unteachable LOL


7:10 AM  
Blogger Lil ol' me... said...

Mizz Marmie, usually female domesticated birds just like to sit there and cluck aimlessly; the male is going to be more intense, and I 'spose it's a hormone thing...

2:01 AM  

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