Friday, September 03, 2010

It was just a very, very good day; I need more of those...

"If I had a day that I could bring would be a day just like today..." That line from a John Denver song of long ago really sums it up. Sitting in my car from the overlook where I hang out, the sun was bright, the skies were blue, and for some reason I just started feeling very, very good. That doesn't happen a whole lot. And so it's these kind of days that I live for. It was absolutely perfect out there. No harsh winds, warm temperatures and gorgeous views. Something else indeed.

In the photo above left, this was a portion of the view I had while sitting up on the beach overlook. Two Big Ships in the same vicinity, a scene I don't see a lot. The "Essayons" is at left, along with The "Yaquina". I believe both are involved in dredging the bay and nearby ocean. Above right, this is the view I had from Bastendorff Beach. No, the "Essayons" hasn't run aground; it's in the channel between the two jetties. This is one big boat.

These two photos were taken from on top of the Jetty. Above left, a wave crashed into the jetty while I took this photo. Cool, huh? Above right, the hull of the "Essayons" really, really is a big boat. I like to sit on top of the jetty, with the ocean on one side, the channel on the other. Birds flying in all directions, people on the beach, and Sunny Blue Skies. There are times when I can get totally "buzzed" by nature. This was one of those days.

Of course, 'they', whoever they are, say that All Good Things must come to an end, and that's where Sunset comes in. By this time, I've disembarked the jetty, and above left, a view of the immediate inland and you can see Sunlight's colors altering the objects it shines on. Above right, from the same spot, looking seaward. You can see clouds in the distance.

I thought this was gonna be a sunset in which it would become a big red fireball, sinking below the horizon, but the clouds waaay out there altered that quite a bit. In both photos above you can see the faraway clouds as they obscure the sun. And it is cloudy today. But yesterday so tremendous in every way. And so I thought I'd share.
As far as the John Denver quote at the top of this post, don't worry; I'm not getting all soft and syrupy. I don't really plan on using quotes from him all that much. Thank God I'm a Country Boy, huh?


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