Monday, September 06, 2010

...and so the seasons shift once again...
Even though "Fall" doesn't technically arrive until September 21st, with the passage of another tourist season, things just fall into a less-hectic groove. Sometimes it can actually be a bit shocking, that all of a sudden, your favorite park or beach is all-of-a-sudden vacant, just like that. It's a feeling of, all of a sudden, being in a Ghost Town. Regardless of what the calendar says, there is a certain day in late August (within a week-and-a-half period) where everything just suddenly Feels Different. So September is here. Perhaps September 1st should be the beginning of Fall. Families rush home from wherever they've been vacationing, school begins, work-week schedules start anew, and then all of a sudden, it's Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Start of another year, repeat cycle with each year going by just a little bit faster than the year before. Whew! And the years fly by, ever faster.
WHAT'S HAPPENED TO "CSI: MIAMI"? Tonight, I viewed that show for the first time in quite a while. I've seen most of the old shows that are shown on the Cable networks; the one I saw tonite was still new enough for CBS to show, and wow, has that show become different. In earlier shows, there was more action, more out-of-doors scenes, more plot, there was a more active TV show. In the 46-minutes of a 60-minute TV show sans commercials, all anyone was doing was standing still, evaluating chemical tests, ponderously pondering information screens, engaging in mannered, almost-whisperish dialogue, and I Found Myself Getting Bored. The Show moves along at a snail's pace. I don't know if the show's on a smaller budget, or if the times have changed that much. "CSI: Miami" has been on for years and years and I can't help but feel the show has outgrown itself; there are now so many different featured members in the cast, that half the time it's almost impossible to follow.
THE SEATTLE MARINERS ON SLOW-BURN: The Seattle Mariners, obviously, aren't exactly the World's Most Successful Baseball Team. Now, there are 162 games in a baseball season. The Mariners have already lost 83 games. There are just over 30 games left this season, which means the Mariners have ample time and opportunity to lose over 100 games this year. C'mon, you guys, you can do it! After all, you've only been working on it Since about May 1st. So that means that if you miss any M's games after today's date, you probably won't be missing all that much. But yet I'm still watching. I don't know why. Oh, wait, I Like Baseball. There's actually a month of Baseball Season remaining, if you factor in the Playoffs and World Series. Some of the greatest baseball I've ever seen has been in the Divisional Playoffs. Rah!
MY POLITICAL IGNORANCE ON DISPLAY: I've heard about a phenomenon called "The Tea Party". Honest, I had no idea what it was, so I looked on Wikipedia, and from what I can gather, the Tea Party consists of mostly Republican, extremely conservative politicians who are against Just about Everything. They want smaller government, for example. Okay, if government gets smaller, that means there's more available money out there, and the question then becomes "whose pockets will it line"? Maybe I'd just as soon see the money spent on various people-oriented programs. Heck, we're the taxpayers, after all. So that's my 'Readers' Digest' take on the Tea Party. However, there's one good reason to not take them seriously:

I was sorting out my junk, trying to organize the desk drawers, and I ran across my old "Picture It" hardware and I thought I'd try to deface something with it; you can see the results here. I'm always pulling strange and weird photos off the internet (Sarah qualifies as a bit of both), and I'm sure I'll be doing more of this in the future.


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