Friday, June 25, 2010

...and this would be one of those times...
Whilst online this morning, I visited the website of the newspaper that serves the area in which I used to live. Whilst reading that site's blog, I came across a hot flash news item. I later came across the same item whilst reading a newspaper. Newspaper? You know, that thing you used to read before you canceled your subscription, 'cos yer now getting all your news online. Here's the scoop: In one area in this great country of ours, a man and a woman were convicted of trying to sell their Baby. AND THEY WERE ONLY ASKING TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS. I guess the Mother didn't want to charge for "labor", heh heh. That would've upped the cost a bit. Oh the pain, after all. I've had the process of "childbirth" described to's evidently like swallowing a bowling ball and trying to get it to pass thru your digestive tract before...uh...well...I'm sure you can figure the rest out...Gosh, I've painted a word picture that's put me in a
Obviously this is a serious situation and it's actually pretty horrifying. But forget the humanity, in this situation, if you will. There are buyers and there are sellers in our world, and if you don't have something buyers want, you ain't gonna make a sale. That's the way things go in our quasi-complicated, micro-managed business world. But I found the answer. It makes so much sense. In a separate article in the aforementioned newspaper, I ran across a story that informed me of a lady, in another part of this great country of ours, that wanted to be a mother so bad, that she began reading the "births" section of her local newspaper. She selected a mother who'd just had a baby. And she went to the mother's house, STABBED her and her hubby, and attempted to take the kid. Yeah, yeah, I know that's awful, but just hang on a minute...
I bet this crazy woman would've paid twenty-five dollars for the kid that the couple mentioned earlier in this post were trying to sell. And she would've saved herself an assault charge. An assault record, after all, is not the thing to have if yer gonna be a Mom. The child-protective-agencies in this Great Country of Ours kinda frown upon that. And best of all, there would've been no reason to go out and stab someone. An extreme "win win". Getting the Goods to the people who want those goods. Yeah, I know selling and buying a kid is illegal, but everyone woulda been happy, at least for a while, until the kid's parents and the wannabe Mom's pictures showed up on "America's Most Wanted".
So how do these situations come about? It sure is a crazy, wacky world we live in, after all. How do these people meet, in the first place? You've surely read about two people who met, quite by chance, and separately, they both were quite crafty and conniving, but together, they became one endless source of Bad News. You know, 'bad times two'...and once again, in today's newspaper, I found the Root of All Evil. It was in another article in today's paper...
A couple got married in the LIQUOR AISLE OF THEIR LOCAL SUPERMARKET, said the newspaper. After all, that's where they met. {I have no idea if they'd just met or if they'd known each other for a while}. Still, can you say "Third Rate Romance"? I knew yuh could. I'm not saying this particular couple wheels and deals in human beings on a regular basis, but ya never know. It's a wacky, wobbly world out there. So maybe couples who meet in the Liquor Store, or in Joe's Bowling Alley, or at the door of a back-alley dentist who doubles as a bookie, might not have a chance to turn out as fine and upstanding as, say, the average All-American Couple who attend church five or six times a week, faithfully tithing ten percent and getting a tax break because they do so. {Did I just write that? How Cynical...}
In closing, I am quite sure that I will be riding the Hot Rails To Hell for writing this post. But someone had to do it. Sometimes...Blogging...Is Not Pretty.
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