Tuesday, June 22, 2010

...if not individually, hopefully cumulatively...

I am in a blogger's drought. I honestly can't think of anything to write about. As I close in on 1,000 postings, it's as if there's Nothing In The Tank. I'm Runnin' On Fumes. So I turn once more to the wide, wonderful world of Photography. I can totally sluff-off (as I'm doing with this post), and still include a little something of interest.
For sheer beauty, it's hard to beat an ocean sunset. And when I can see the sunset, that means there is actually some open sky for the sun to shine through, and for me, anytime the sun's out, it's a Holiday here on the Oregon Coast. The temperature here never gets very hot, but sometimes it can be rainy and drizzly for days on end. Nice To See That Sun!
These first two photos were taken May 10th...I'd been on the Beach all afternoon, and it was the kind of day where the Cumulus Clouds looked like big puffs of white candy-cane floating way up there in the atmosphere. And, when the sky is like this, the Sun is gonna play tricks with those clouds, painting all kinds of wild colors in the atmosphere...
Usually when I take a sunset photo, I've been taking pictures all day, which means that I'm fervently hoping the camera batteries still have some juice in 'em. I bring two spare batteries just in case, hoping that the Re-Charger has worked its magic, so I can grab these photos and take the Sunset home with me. The horizon is about 25 miles away.
This last photo was taken on the Summer Solstice (June 21st). And actually, the sun set a bit earlier than normal, due to a line of very imposing clouds on the horizon, but at this time of year, the Sun, even disguised by clouds, is still setting at around 9pm. And so, I think these photos provided for a neat post.
In case you're interested, I've been using a little Canon Powershot A470 camera with 7.1 pixels and a 3.4x optical zoom. I don't know what the numbers mean, but that's the True Facts. It's been a good little camera. I marvel at the freedom a Digital Camera gives vs. the the old Polaroid I used not long ago.


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