Thursday, July 09, 2009

...Sometimes, it's nice to have them out there...
Up in Spokane, Washington, a Donkey fell down a well. Rescue people were summoned, as well as other Animal-Medical-type people...they pulled the donkey out of the well, and checked out the critter, and it seems to be doing quite well. There's no truth to the rumor that its owner was cited for any kind of "home alone" violation, but I'm thinking perhaps someone should 'donkey-proof' the property...? Anyway, I'm sure that Summertime, wacky season that it is, really tests the will of those who are employed to bail us all out when we get ourselves into a precarious situation...

This incident brought to mind something that happened in my house a couple of years ago. I had two small finch birds that I kept in a cage. Of course, every day I had to get into their cage so I could re-fill the bird seed and water dishes. Finch eat an amazing amount of food and often issue droppings that are half as big as they are. Well, stupid me, I left the cage door open and left the house for the afternoon. When I got back, only Mrs. Finch was in the cage. Where was Mr. Finch?
Well...earlier that day I drank a bottle of that really great "Sobe" Orange-Carrot beverage which comes in a glass bottle. I then left the bottle near the side of the cage. And evidently, Mr. Finch got out of his cage and flew around the cage trying to get back in. (Finch aren't known for their Powers of Reasoning and can't remember what happened 30 seconds ago.) I looked all over the house and couldn't find him! Finally, I looked down at the empty "Sobe" bottle and somehow, he had fallen INTO the bottle and he couldn't get back out! Mr. Finch was flappin' and flappin' his wings, to no avail. In classical literature terms, Mr. Finch turned into the avian version of Sisyphus, who kept rolling the big rock up the mountain only to have it fall back down again. Perhaps its a good thing that Finch aren't claustrophobic or I woulda had one messed-up Finch Bird on my hands...(I hear that Finch don't respond well to psychiatric treatments...)

Help! I'm stuck in a bottle and I can't get out! I couldn't find a foto of an empty "Sobe" bottle, but this should give ya an educated idea as to what I saw that day. So anyway, I picked up my bottled finch, opened up the cage door and tipped the bottle upside-down, and evidently the little guy wasn't Deeply Affected; he went back to doing whatever it is birds do all day; meanwhile I berated myself severely for Not Having a Camera at such an Opportune moment.
So there ya go, two posts in One Week, and it's not even Saturday Night at 11:59pm yet! So now that I've got that done, I can go and worry about something else. The Spokesman-Review Newspaper, located in Spokane, Washington, supplied the donkey foto which I defaced here. If yer ever up in that neck of the woods, buy a copy for every single person you know. They, like other newspapers, are finding themselves Stuck in a bottle these days...


Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

At least he didnt drown LOL or his feathers turn orange :)


1:13 PM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

After spending all day at the bottom of an empty bottle, Marmee, that was one Batty Little Bird...

1:43 AM  

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