Friday, July 24, 2009

...more fun than throwing pencils at the ceiling tile...
*Does He Really Need Any More Money? Well, I guess he does. Evidently Paul McCartney, almost the richest man on Earth (he just might be the richest man on Earth) is playin' the hits yet again. The last time I saw him was on TV, when he did the 2005 Super Bowl Halftime show. I saw it for Free! Well, now, Paul's making money in a new see him play the same old songs he's played for the last few decades, you can now see him on Pay-Per-View! I'm a stickler for the original recorded versions of most material. Most of the time, hearing someone's "Live" album just kinda disappoints me. As far as other Beatle-Related stuff, I hear that remastered Mono Mixes of All The Beatles' albums are coming out soon. And ya know, I'm Getting Off The Bus when it comes to these re-mastered things; they're not a whole lot different than the Beatles' music I've listened to for the last 40 years...I imagine you could pick up the differences if you hooked up an oscilloscope to your stereo system; remixes will always be similar to the original versions, because they ARE the original versions, just engineered a bit differently.
A few years' back, I bought the Beatles' "Yellow Submarine Songtrack" which featured re-mastered songs, and I thot the remastered "All You Need Is Love" actually sounded worse than the original Mono single version...after the trumpets start the song, the group saunters thru several bars before John Lennon (bless him) begins his vocal, and in that in-between portion of the re-mastering, the song actually sounds WEAKER than the original. In music as well as everything else, the old saying, "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It" applies. I will buy any new Beatles/Solo Beatles music that comes out (rumor has it an unfinished John Lennon song might be released this fall), but I've already bought the LP's, CD's And Cassettes of all the Beatles' albums; it's gotta stop somewhere, right? I didn't buy Capitol records' releases of the U.S. Beatles albums (the first time the U.S. albums had ever been issued on CD), and I'm not gonna be missing much if I don't buy the re-masters this time around, either.
*Well, it's not the Worst Fast-Food on the planet: You get a crispy tortilla shell (which has almost no calories), then you stuff a little bit of ground up mystery-meat into the shell, and follow that up with Cheese and Lettuce, and voila, you have a Taco. As far as I'm concerned, 'Mexican' is just about the best Fast Food you can get, 'cos since most of the ingredients are Really Fresh, which serve to counteract whatever grease & calories lay in wait (weight?) with the ground beef. And if you like a dressed-up taco, you can go for the 'double-decker Taco El Grande'...a soft tortilla shell on the outside, glued to the inner crispy tortilla shell with refried beans, plus yer standard meat, cheese and lettuce topped off with a coupla blasts of sour cream...MMMMMMMMM. Ooh yeah. I can get into it. But, I have no solution to the following mystery: I can't figure out why my eyes all of a sudden get bigger than my gut when I pull up to the drive-thru menu.
*I continue to marvel at Oregon Coast Weather: When I woke up today, the Sun Did Shine Forth. By mid-afternoon, the fog had set in. So I couldn't go to my favorite ocean-side hang-out. Instead, I headed 3 miles inland, to the downtown area which is on the Other side of the bay, and there were Blue Skies everywhere. There's a correlation of sorts going on here: When it is Really Hot Inland, it's Really Foggy on the Coast. Something to do with cool air colliding with hot air and there's yer fog. I used to live in Idaho, where people would say, "you don't like the weather? Give it ten minutes, it'll change". Well down here on the Oregon Coast, all the time you need is about maybe a minute and a half. Honestly, when I've driven home from the downtown area of Coos Bay/North Bend, I've seen 7 or 8 different kinds of weather in one trip...rain, sleet, freezing rain, drizzle, hail, high winds, partly-cloudy skies, clear skies, you name it, the weather can turn on a Dime here. You'd think all that precip would keep my car clean. Well, my car's white, and after a lot of rain, I get green streaky Moss deposits all over the off to the Car Wash I have to go every now and then. And I know what you're thinking right now; something along the lines of "he mustn't have much to say if he's posting about the Weather". And you may be right...
A New Day, A New Way?: That's the slogan the Seattle Mariners are using this year to tout the team. And, there's different management, different coaches, different players, and the team, at this writing, has won more than they've lost, although they can't afford to have many games turn out like tonight's fracas (M's are behind Cleveland 4-0 in the 7th as I type this). One reason my number of postings has leveled off here, is because I've been posting comments on the Mariners' Blog site (it's part of the Seattle Times website); other fans and I respond to what blogmeister Geoff Baker has posted, and all us baseball ignorami comment on how the M's are doing. The consensus at one point in the season was that "if the Mariners had One More Bat", they could compete for the division title...I'm thinking, though, the M's probably have sufficient hitting; what they need is for One More Pitcher who can shut 'em down. And that ain't happening tonite.

But I'll tell ya, three M's pitchers (Felix, Washburn and Bedard) have all been lookin' pretty good this year. So we've won more games than last year (so far). And yeah, maybe the M's could be doing better in the hitting department. But then again, batters aren't responsible for the other team's Home Runs. It is more fun to watch the M's this year, though. And if it ain't fun, it ain't worth doing. Like Last Year's Mariners squad, who finished 40 GAMES out of first place, proved...update: in the top of the 9th, Cleveland, so far has added 4 more runs, 2 of those on two homers In A Row. Then they added another one. M's behind 2-0. And Cleveland is still At Bat! Ack!
IF I SEE ONE OF THESE ON THE BEACH, I THINK I'LL MOVE: There's all kinds of wildlife to be seen down here. Loons, Seagulls, Cormorants, Sea Lions, Pelicans, even the occasional Whale passing by. It's fun and always interesting to watch the goings-on in the local ecosphere, how everything interacts with everything else. So with all this sea life, we also have Crows down here, too. I cringe whenever I hear one of them "Cawwing" away. Ack. But...I haven't yet seen one of "these" on the beach, though...Sunbathers, git ready to move fast if you're approached by a creature looking like this:

(The much-feared Grey-Feathered Landshark...Beware!)
There ya go, a bit of silliness to entertain ya; it's your reward for getting through this especially mundane, cobbled-together posting. I had no Really Great posting ideas, so you can call this a "Velcro" which I toss stuff at the wall and see if any of it sticks...


Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

That so is not a real bird LOL


1:57 PM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

Ha Ha, glad you liked my "bird". After a long post I try to give my (small) readership a little 'something extra'...I can just see serious readers such as yourself reading all my serious stuff, and then, BANG!, I gotcha!

10:12 PM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

Oh yeah, Marmee...I'm glad I was able to bring you a laugh, seeing as how your life hasn't been easy as of late. Hang in there, girl...

11:37 PM  

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