Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...you not only get a fair warning, you get options!

I don't like large, overbearing crowds, or busybodies who want to poke their noses into someone else's business. That's one of the reasons I moved down here to the Southern Oregon Coast. Crowds and congestion are things I try to avoid. I used to think "being where it's at" was the important thing, but as I age, I find myself more and more looking for quiet spaces where I don't have to be anything but myself.

The following Cute Little Item is posted on a fence near where I live. I've placed my own commentary in place of the Street Address, and now I'll just let the sign tell, as Paul Harvey would say, "The Rest Of The Story"...

I'm pretty sure that this guy never worked for "Welcome Wagon" or the local Chamber of Commerce. He lives down the street and around the corner from me. And sometimes, I feel like he does. Especially concerning that last line. Maybe I should get a goat and tie it to the porch to scare away the missionaries!


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