Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Prisoners of Fame, prisoners no longer...
Two light-years-apart celebrities passed away today; I just found that out a few minutes ago when I went online. In spite of my not being a huge fan of either, I'm sad...
I think that Michael Jackson was a tortured soul. I remember his appearance during a long-ago Super Bowl halftime show; there he was, with the children in the stands, and I thought that was wholesome somehow; obviously, that was before he began getting in trouble for his predilections…I also think that once he became a mega-star when his “Thriller” album sold in the mega-millions, he didn't know how to handle his burgeoning fame; the release of that album and its immediate aftermath seemed to coincide with MJ's weirdness. Plus, he probably had the “Elvis Presley syndrome” in which the pop/rock star wants this, wants that and everything else, and there's no one around to tell him “No”.

And then there's Farrah. She had the most beautiful hair in the world, although she was always a little too thin for my own taste. She always seemed to handle the Press in a gentle way, with lots more dignity than most people could muster. I read that her type of Cancer is relatively rare. But the cancer also wracked her body with pain. How such an ailment can strike down such a beautiful person seems ironic, somehow. All I know is that life is to be cherished, and those of us with the Gift of Life need to appreciate that we can see nature's wonders and hopefully spend our time as positively as we can.

I have one little bird sitting on my knee right now, and the other is sitting by the open cage door, and in their own way, they represent Life. Somehow having them near right now is reassuring. On days like these, Death doesn't seem all that far away. I'm sad for both of these people who died today, and I must admit, I was in a bit of shock when I learnt of their passing. We all have our personal hells, and most of the time we succeed in repressing them; indeed, I don't think anyone goes thru life untarnished. Somehow we get thru it. That's the great mystery…why all this happens in the first place. Perhaps losing two well-known people such as Michael and Farrah makes us all aware of our own mortality. Que Vida. That's Life.

About a month ago, I went into the pet store against my better judgment...there they were in a cage; I put my hand up to the cage to see how they'd both react, and they both lowered their heads, wanting head scratches. And my heart melted. And now they're here with me. It was important for me to get them both; I'm gone at least a few hours every day, so it's reassuring to me that they have each other for company.

Above is little"Sunshine", the yellow-crested cockatiel. I thought "Sunshine" was a male, and so did the clerk at the pet store. Usually the male has the yellow coloration. So much for theory...Sunshine Laid an Egg on Me earlier this week. I was sitting in the La-Z-Boy and she was sitting near my knee, and 'plop', just like that I heard something hit the carpeted floor. A little Cockatiel Egg. This little bird just Wants Me All The Time. And, below, little "Shadow"; I'm not sure at all of this bird's gender. With some birds, it's hard to tell. Shadow is a little bit aloof; I'm still working with him/her. This should be an interesting saga. Bird People, if you can 'sex' my little gray, it would be mucho appreciated...


Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

oh my, Im so very happy that you have a couple of new birds, and they seem so at home... it was meant to be...


10:05 AM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

They're cool little birds, Marmie. Turns out that the yellow-crested bird is actually a "pied" Cockateil; there's no way to 'sex' them. Both 'Pied' males and females have random color splotches.

The other Female is a grey; Greys are almost All Grey (Female) whilst Grey Males are almost all grey but with yellow headfeathers. So I've got two females, both of whom have widely different personalities. The 'Pied' female is almost a Wild Woman of the bird world. The other is much more reserved.

9:54 PM  

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