Saturday, June 20, 2009

I GUESS I'M NOT PART OF THAT GROUP ANYMORE... if I needed to be reminded yet again...
I guess I've come to be a creature whose life has revolved around advertising. How many times do we remember a particular commercial, and not the program which contained it? Well, of course, annoying commercials get burned into our brains...fpr example, consider the timeless phrase "Ring Around The Collar!" (what did that commercial advertise? The answer is in the section printed in italics at the end of this post, assuming, of course, it ever ends...) I tend to think of this blog as one long never-ending post sometimes. I'm never done. And now it's Saturday again. The Week's almost over; gotta get my posts in there so I can stay if that's possible...
There's a radio spot which comes on during Seattle Mariners Games, and it's actually a sort-of public-service thing. It features a guy who says, "I invented Rock and Roll. I invented the Pony Express, and you said you didn't get your letter fast enough, so I invented Air Mail, and when that took too long, I came up with E-Mail". (No, the guy isn't Al Gore, who allegedly invented the Internet.) After this person enumerates all the stuff he's invented, he poses the question, "Who Am I"? And then he answers his own question..."I Am...YOUTH." Yeah, it's a good ad; it gets ya thinking, and of course, Youth should be given a chance. But, this is another instance in which I am Painfully Reminded that I am not "youth", and haven't been for years. (It would be just perfect if the ad said, "I am Youth...and you're NOT." Poetic Justice, to be sure.) I'm aging fast enough, okay? I don't need any help from you script-writers out there...

This didn't put me in a good mood: I decided to go to the beach today. So, I backed outta the driveway and took my little side-street over to the main street that accesses the highway. While "looking both ways", I saw a Menacing Black Car in the distance on the main-street, decided there was enough space to turn out ahead of him, which is what I did. I got no more than 20 or 30 feet when the Menacing Black Car accelerated, weaving back and forth, trying to drive up my trunk! Immediately I pulled over and let the A**hole by. That's my style. Well, it turns out a female was driving the car; they zipped down the road a ways, pulled over to the side, and the lady got out, got in the passenger seat, and the guy sitting in the passenger seat got behind the wheel. You know, the whole Chinese Fire-Drill type thing. (My apologies if any folks of the Oriental Persuasion were offended here...that may not be a 'politically correct' term; oh well...)
I proceeded to advance slowly as I drew near their car; I very carefully passed them, since their car wasn't moving, and advanced to the intersection where the Highway was. Then, the by-now menacing Black Car pulled in behind me. Ulp...I had to wait for a space in the traffic so I could get on the highway, and finally I pulled out, at which time, the Menacing Black Car honked its horn at me. It then entered the highway RIGHT BEHIND ME, as if the driver wanted to remove my transmission without leaving his vehicle, and I didn't feel Safe At All; what could I do? I found another wide spot a half-mile down the highway where I could again pull over and seek Traffic Asylum. Double-Ulp...
And as the Menacing Black Car zoomed past me, still weaving, it honked its horn again. I had been doing the speed limit. A**holes. This whole thing reminds me of a Steve Martin Comedy Routine: He proposes a way to slow down population growth; "Death Penalty For Parking Fines!", he said. How about if we could adopt that same policy for ALL tailgaters? Anyway, in this age of Road Rage, I stayed pulled over for a couple minutes until a few more cars went past, that way I wouldn't have to encounter this ***hole again. Since I don't plan on dying by another's hand anytime soon, I thot this was good strategy, since I'm getting old and somewhat feeble. I won't say that All Tailgaters Should Be Shot, at least, not in the Vital Organs. Wingin' em might be called for, tho. This is how much I HATE tailgaters! Where I come from, when you see a speed limit sign, you are supposed to try and Match the amount of M.P.H. the sign indicates, providing conditions are normal. But you can't tell that to an A**hole.
Maybe this guy will watch the upcoming Indy 500 and that will diminish his Will To Speed And Harass Law-biding Motorists In The Process. (Yeah, rrrright...who am I kidding?) I once saw an old movie (it was in Black and White), and the plotline revolved around a guy driving down a Desert Highway out in the middle of nowhere, when he encounters an 18-wheeler that is Obviously trying to Kill Him...and that's kinda how I felt today. What with all the designer drugs coursing through the systems of Who Knows Who, perhaps people are Raging more than ever these days. And I don't want any part of that.

You've slaved away with me so far; here's some Eye Candy for ya: This photo was taken about 50 feet from where the Main Road accesses the Highway. There's not an awful lot of room on the Highway; at this spot, there's a cliff 60 feet high with the Bay beyond. Again, Ulp. Anyway, the other night, I walked down to this spot that's fairly near my house, sat in the tall grass as far away from the road as I could get, and proceeded to photograph Yet Another Sunset. That's the Western part of Coos Bay in the foreground, the North Spit (narrow 'finger' of land) in the background, with the Ocean lurking just beyond. And, Ma Nature decided to be mysterious; obscuring the sun with all sorts of Cloud Matter...

Finally, as promised: What product did the "Ring Around The Collar" commercial advertise? "Wisk" bleach! Okay, here's another one: Which over-the-counter Medication featured "Tiny Time Pills" in its commercials? CONTAC allergy pills; you know, the kind of stuff people (like the A**holes referred to above) make Meth out of...


Blogger Perls in the Sand said...

i love what you done here, i have something similar if your willing to trade links

9:25 PM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

Well, Perl...I'm not sure I know how to trade links...? Are you a real person or a spammer? (I don't want any link I provide to cause me grief...

9:33 PM  
Blogger Word Tosser said...

wow, that was some ride... and in this day and age, it is scare to even flip the guy and girl off as they might have a gun... yep, sitting on the side for about 10 cars sounds like a sound idea to me. Funny how practical we get as we age. lol... in the old days, we would have gone along side and flipped them off..

10:00 AM  
Blogger Tumblewords: said...

The truly scary part is that the tailgaters are not always in black cars which makes it harder to get out of the way early on... :) Enjoyed reading this post.

2:56 PM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

Hi, Cis...I do think the Mentality around the country has changed, and not for the better. No one's really safe, be it in the big city or in the middle of nowhere. Too many people on a small planet, I guess.

Tumblewords, here's my response:

A visit from a stranger
Seeking absolute truth
Amongst bombardments of verbosity
Pausing to drink from
The eternal wealth of blogdom
gleaning insight and perspective
and came away
Not totally disgusted
With the inane stuff I post.

Surprise, shock and awe on my part.

(I tried counting syllables for the first couple of lines, but as you can see, I totally abandoned that)

8:36 PM  
Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

loverly photo again....


11:54 AM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

Hiya's just about impossible to take a bad photo when the coastline is nearby. Although I do need to visit some outlying coastal areas; right now, I pretty much take photos of my particular area, which can get repetitive after a while.

7:55 PM  

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