Monday, November 03, 2008

This time around, I'M VOTING...
Heaven forbid I actually Involve Myself In Politix...

Well, here we go. Election Season is here. The time has come to vote. And, in spite of myself, this apolitical person I've come to be, I'M VOTING. I've long been an advocate of my own self-generated saying, "Don't Vote for Anyone; That Way, you can Despise Them All Equally." Isn't it worse to vote for someone, and then they SCREW UP? That makes sense to me, but a lot of people I've debated with have self-righteously told me, "If You Don't Vote, You Can't Bitch". I hear that over and over and over. I don't really subscribe to the old adage that it's our DUTY to vote; heck, if I'm forced into doing something, I'm Probably Not Gonna Do It. I have to really "feel it in my gut" if I'm gonna do anything about anything.

Folks, The Time Has Come. The choices are (painfully) obvious this time around. I have watched two campaigns for Prezzident; one which has tripped and stumbled and bumbled all over itself while the other has exemplified nothing but dignity and yea, verily, REASON. One campaign has engaged in baiting and innuendo, while (it seems) the other has sought to inform us that we need a "change", as if we didn't already know that after eight years of being "Bush-whacked". One campaign seems to be indicative of "more of the same" while the other campaign wants our nation to move in a different direction. And, one campaign touts a ticket where the Prezzidential Candidate has admitted he has no experience in Economics, where the running mate has virtually no experience at all, while the other ticket features a charismatic young man with political savvy running for Prezzident, who is backed by a Veteran Politician Who Knows His Way around Washington, D.C. I can only hope that in Joe Biden's case, "Veteran Politician" turns out to be a Good Thing.

I am not entirely comfortable with John McCain. I respect the guy, I really do, for all he endured as a Prisoner of War. He should always be admired for that. Does that make him QUALIFIED to run for Prezzident? I have not heard any fresh or exciting ideas from him, and I'm sorry, Mr. McCain, the Prezzidential Race Is Now Over. You can stop all your flaming against Mr. Obama. And McCain's running mate...oh my gawd, sheesh, ack...Sarah Palin is a true manifestation of the saying "it takes a village", because, basically, that's what she was mayor of before she became governor of a State that is the least-populated-per-square-mile state in the Union, and she's only HALFWAY THROUGH HER FIRST TERM, PEOPLE!!! I can't bear the thought of Sarah Palin in High Elective Office, ever. I thought Hillary was shrill, but compared to her, Sarah is a freakin' AIR-RAID SIREN...and, she's just smart enough to be Dangerous...

I've been disappointed before, when I've voted. So, frankly, I haven't voted in quite a while. But this is such a doggoned interesting election. Some say it's close, some say McCain's gaining ground, some say Obama and McCain are virtually tied, some say that McCain's only a key state or two from winning, others say it could be a landslide for Obama. The Prezzidents I've previously voted for promised something "different", and while perhaps there was no "difference" after all, I voted based on what I'd heard...and felt. And, I have grown to despise the Current Administration So Very Much that I feel Republican Leadership in the wake of George W. Bush is something this country can't TAKE right now. I care about our country, our nation, and I believe we should take care of our OWN problems before going off to fight everyone else's battles.

I'm tired of watching George W. Bush strutting around in some dilapidated sense of faux authority, bumbling his way through press conferences, refusing to listen to anything resembling reason, especially where our country's foreign policy is concerned. I'm tired of watching Our Prezzident being Barely Able To Complete A Sentence, let alone, exhibit at least some degree of Rational Thought. Can you say, "Puppet"? I knew ya could! I am Positively Sick of George W. Bush; the sight of him makes me Wretch. His greatest moment was when he was standing in the rubble of 9/11, and it's been downhill ever since. I'd say something about Vice-Prezzident Dick Cheney, but he's been quite the "invisible man" as of late. Where is he? What's he doing? Is he still in the White House Bunker, deep underground? Has he accidentally shot anyone lately? Is he on life-support, maybe? Awaiting a heart donor, perhaps? Did he have a heart to begin with?

I honestly cannot find the words to indicate, to sum up, the Total Disgust I feel for this administration. So I am voting this time around. And, frankly, at this point, if the Democrats win, and don't get everything done they say they're gonna do, I'll still feel, "well, they can't screw thing up any worse". (And I'll keep my fingers crossed.) So where did these political sentiments originate? How did I come to feel this way? Maybe, once, long ago, it just "happened". Or maybe it was more long-term. Maybe I was hallucinating; maybe I'd eaten something that didn't agree with me. Maybe it's the by-product of some long-repressed degree of anger and frustration. Or, maybe I Just Got tired Of It All. Along the way, I've lost Respect For The Prezzident. And now the Republicans want us to elect someone who's even MORE old-school than the Present Administration? NO, THANKS. So I guess you know who I'll be voting for...and perhaps after I've voted, images such as these will quit bombarding my brain...

This defaced photo from the Huckleberries Column at the Spokesman-Review Newspaper. Long May They Publish.

Whoever gets elected President, I wish them well, and will hope that they, and our nation will continue to exist during these turbulent times, hoping in the end that perhaps all will turn out well. But...Let Me Make One Thing Perfectly Clear...I'll sure be glad when this administration is done and over with. Maybe then, I'll start spelling "Prezzident" correctly. As a sign of Respect.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Oh my, we are so in agreement on every point. Why is it then thats so many of us who have been immersed in this campaign are worried that McCain just might pull it out?

7:05 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said..., that was fast! You responded to my blog before I'd even finished editing it!

This is a close, hotly-contested election. Of COURSE McCain could pull it out, and if he does, life goes on. But...what have we got to LOSE by shaking things up a bit? Mhy Dad used to say, "do something, even if it's WRONG". And in the eyes of half the people in the nation, I'll be wrong when I vote for the Democratic Ticket.

Well, it's all just about over. Then I can get back to griping about everyday stuff...

7:18 PM  

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