Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Record Ramblings...
...a new 'sort-of-blog' I'm contributing to occasionally...

You'll see a new link in the left margin of this blogsite; it reads "Record Ramblings", and it contains information on Records and The Artists Who Made Them. Since I now have a digital cam, the new blog will contain pictures I've taken of various unusual records in my collection, or brief tidbits about those who were fortunate enough to be Immortalized on Vinyl. Basically, I was fumbling around all of the various little things that Yahoo lets you do, and I ran across something called "Yahoo 360"; I think it's supposed to be Yahoo's version of "MySpace" or whatever, but I'm not gonna use it like that. Instead, you'll find MUCH BRIEFER writings about things, as opposed to the often over-extended stuff I write here in this blog.

It shouldn't be that much more work for me, since I'm writing short little blurbs about the various things that interest the record-collector side of me. At this writing, I've probably got close to 20 entries posted there. The long posts in this blog can take me up to 2 hours to write and edit, whereas the briefer format in my new blog will be a lot easier (and less time-consuming) to write and edit. And if you STILL can't get enough of what I write (I can't imagine that happening!), I've also posted a lot of stuff over at my Miss_Lee_Morse Yahoo Group site, and you'll also find the link to THAT in the left margin of this here blog. Am I branching out? Diversifying? Or just torturing myself more? Probably a little of each.


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