Friday, November 07, 2008

A Neat Little Mind Excursion...
...just the thing after an intense week such as this one!

Well, we've elected a New President. And for the time being, I'm going to be spelling "President" correctly. Unless I blog about George W. Bush anymore, in which case, my spelling will revert back to "Prezzident". But really, it's been a big week, maybe it's a Brave New World, and maybe things will get better? Maybe that's one of our country's best qualities, in that We in this nation Always have hope. And so this past week has been a week of possibilities, new directions, and I really hope that President Obama gets off to a good start.

But we can't be intense all the time. Life is serious enough without us picking everything apart and being serious about every little thing. Sometimes I think us Human Beings assume waaaay more pressure than our constitutions were built to handle. Now, what with Wall Street going thru its various economic undulations, and the economy in general pretty much passing wind, sometimes we need to focus on Something Else. And, so for a few moments, by reading this post, and then following the instructions, you can do just that....

Near where I live on the Southern Oregon Coast is located the Cape Arago (AIR-a-go) Lighthouse. It was decommissioned in 2006 and is no longer in service. It just sits there on a big rock, out there on its own, with its only visitors being seagulls and other various seabirds. It's enticingly close, but yet is so far away; there is No Public Access to it. I had to sneak onto Coast Guard Land to take closeup photos of it. Even then, I still could get only within about a football-field's-length of it. But it is a most wondrous place. And, wonder of wonders, near there is a small Native American Cemetery, where its occupants are eternally resting, just out of ocean's reach.

This is the Cape Arago Lighthouse, erected in 1930. Before that, various other lighthouses built on this site were literally ripped apart by severe winter breezes; however, this one's pretty solid, and will probably sit there forever. It doesn't serve as a beacon any longer; it just sits there, with its austere and forbidding beauty. This photo was taken some 300 yards away; the lighthouse is actually perched on a big rock across a channel of water, and the bridge going to that Big Rock has been locked up, and would probably crash into the water if someone as heavy as me tried to traverse it.

Anyway, if you liked the above photo, there are more like it; just look for "Cape Arago Lighthouse" in the "Missing Links" in the left margin of this here blog, and you'll see some really unique-looking scenery, that ya just don't see every day. So let this posting be one of daydreaming, contemplation and reflection; let it be a "Mind Excursion". Have a good weekend, everyone...

One of the 'one-hit-wonders' of the 1960's was a group called the Trade Winds...and wouldn't you know it, that group's only-ever-hit was a little ditty titled "Mind Excursion", a catchy little tune that probably a lot of oldies stations DON'T play, 'cos it's so obscure. But it actually did make the 'top 40' (Or, was that the 'top 100'?)...


Blogger MarmiteToasty said...

I have a thing for lighthouses, I just love them, and whilst in Maine last year I went on a boat trip around all the lighthouses and Sharkie took us to the main one there in Portland.... I even have a print of a lighthouse in me downstairs loo :)


12:17 AM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

I live about 5 miles from the nearest lighthouse...and I can see it when I get on the main road near my house. Ironically, that lighthouse has no public access...there are two other lighthouses here, that one can is 25 miles north of me, and the other is 20 miles south. That nearest lighthouse is truly a case of "so close yet so far away".

5:07 PM  

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