Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Money don't get everything, it's true...
...but what it don't get, I can't use...

Brain-teaser: Who Originally Sang That Song? And what huge record company had its first hit with ? What year did it come out? Answers below, at the end of this post.

GIMME GIMME MONEY! (that's...what I want) WHOLE LOTTA MONEY!!! (that's...what I want) It sure is a good thing Money Wasn't Meant To Hang On To, otherwise, I'd feel pretty doggone bad. It all started some time ago when I got a Tax Notice, with a Delinquent Amount, in someone else's name. I called the Tax Office about it, and the sweet lady at the other end of the line said, "if you don't pay, we'll file a lien against you." Good ol' government clerks, huh? Turns out the doggone title company never did get SIGNATURES, so the tax bill was sent to the original owner, with my address, so even though it wasn't MY bill, it Most Definitely Was. And I ended up paying this years' AND last years' taxes on my residence. So, there went a buncha money. Things tend to get tough when it's the 2nd week of the month, and almost all your budget is FRIED. So I scrimped this month. Really scrimped. And it's a good thing I did...

I had to pay over $400 worth of bills today. The usual stuff; doctors, utilities, medical clinics, cable company and such. And it's a good thing I scrimped this month because that meant I only had to borrow $400 from my bank so after bill-paying, I'd have money left over, for luxury items, such as FOOD and GAS. If I hadn't borrowed the $$$ from the bank, I'd be sitting here right now with a 'negative cash amount' in my pocket. And, 'negative money' won't buy a whole lotta things. Of course, that means I have a bunch of money coming out of my Social Security payment next month, which will pay back the bank. But I'm digging my way out, and at least I know the money is coming. It'll get here. Eventually. Actually, USBank is my hero; they let me borrow (which I try not to do), and their repayment comes out automatically from my next 'automatic deposit'.

Looks like I need to go bird-hunting, 'specially if I could bag one like this...

So at least I got all the bills paid. With a (small bit of) disposable income left over. So, I went to Radio Shack because I needed some blank compact discs. And I ran across a gadget I just have to get, when I worm my way out of my own personal financial crunch. (Anyone wanna 'bail me out'?, heh heh...) Two years ago, I bought a CD recorder/player unit that also includes a turntable and AM/FM radio. The turntable they supplied is painfully low-tech, but that's okay, 'cos I can 'patch' into the CD unit from my stereo amplifier, which my high-quality turntable (that I got for free; it was gonna get thrown away) is hooked up to. So I can make CD's from records, and they actually sound pretty good. Some time ago I almost opted for a New Turntable which can plug directly into my Computer but decided against it, because, you see, I already have a turntable. Or two or three.

Today, I found out Radio Shack now stocks a sort-of connecting device that plugs into your stereo's output jacks, and the other end plugs into a computer USB port, and it's only $79.95. Far cheaper than the almost $400 that I paid for my CD recorder/turntable/AM-FM self-contained unit, even cheaper than the $200 it would've cost if I'd bought the turntable which plugs directly into the computer. I wish I'd known all that a couple years ago, but what with the rapid pace of technological growth, perhaps this new CD-recording device hadn't been invented, or perfected. And what with American technology, the self-contained CD-recorder unit I'm using now will probably burn itself out sooner or later, so this New Radio Shack CD linkup thing would be a great backup.

I say that because, already, half of the light on the radio dial on my self-contained CD recorder unit has dimmed, and it now flickers, which means a little light bulb in there is dead or dying, and I'm sure it couldn't be replaced by anyone other than a Rocket Scientist who has Time On His Hands. Or some Electronic Technician who charges an arm or a leg (or both) for his services. And, if I lose an arm or leg, then it's off to the hospital. After which I'll owe more medical bills.

POLITICAL UPDATE: Auto Executives arrived in Washington, D.C. today, in STRETCH LIMOS, to beg and plead with Congress for an additional $25 Million Dollar bail-out. Let's see, Executives in Stretch Limos, asking for government money...some things don't change. (You can tell I had the TV on while blogging...)

Answer to Above Brain-Teaser: "Money (That's What I Want)" was originally recorded by Barrett Strong. The record came out, in 1961, on "Anna" records, which was a part of Motown Records. As such, "Money" was the First Big Motown Hit. "Anna" was a member of the Gordy Family, which founded Motown.


Blogger Word Tosser said...

also these good old boys flew in to DC with their jets... each their own...
sure makes them look poor, right?

10:21 PM  
Blogger some guy who blogs said...

Hiya, Cis...that news item came in right as I was finishing up that post, and I was INCREDULOUS. As long as there's greed like this in our economy, our nation's not gonna get any better. And I 'spose those execs had caviar for lunch, too.

10:24 PM  

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