Monday, November 10, 2008

I seem to be affected by
Post-Election-Seasonal Disorder...

Can it all Really Be All Over Already? Are we really Done? You mean, No More Political Ads for a while? I mean, isn't there still stuff waiting to be analyzed? For example, there are those who are saying that if the Real McCain had shown up for the Prezzidential Campaign, he'd be Prezzident by now. Assuming that, of course, he would've chosen someone else, ANYONE else as a running mate. Honestly, Joe The Plumber should have been John McCain's running mate. Aside from a plumber's obvious ability to fix LEAKS, Plumber's images would be re-vamped on a national scale, seeing as how "White House Plumbers" had received nothing but negative connotations during the Watergate Era. That was definitely a case where the Water-Gate Leaked. All over the place.

But, I've got Post-Election-Seasonal Disorder (PESD)...I'm still waiting for returns to come in; I'm still waiting for projections to be made, and I'm still craving the need to know what happened this year to the Republicans...can someone please give me some trends, some indications, facts, figures and some "well, he can win with this combination of northern states plus two or three southern states, or if he cleans up out west, then he could win by getting a couple of states up in the midwest, plus perhaps he'd get the swing vote in Puerto Rico to put him over the top", you know, that kind of thing...I need charts! I need hard numbers! I need vote tallies! GIMME those exit polls and PLEASE compare them to exit polls back when Bill Clinton mightily swept the election away from the Grand Old Party...(Goofy Old Party?) (Generation Older Party?) Obviously I need my head examined here, don't I? I'm just not well. I can't LIVE without election dramas happing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT on my TV screen. I'm going through WITHDRAWALS here! It's had a devastating effect on my output...

I'm not living up to my blogging potential. According to pre-blog predictions, I have fallen off with a downturn in overall activity. Readers in the 25-35, 36-50 and 51-100 age categories have all noticed a slippery-slope of lessening blog-production numbers...I'm assuming anyone under the age of 25 thinks I'm a doddering old fool, and so they're not going to find anything they can relate to here, so I'll just consider them as non-readers, and if I find a few young people do read this blog, I'll find a way to twist those numbers into something positive, but until then, it's a gloomy blog-o-nomic forecast for the forseeable future. After all, gray skies, harsh winds and a downturn in temperatures await me as this year draws to a close. I'll close this paragraph by saying that, even though I'm not running for (or from) anything, I'd appreciate your vote. Oh, let me kiss that baby. How about if we get our picture taken together? Here's my autograph. And remain assured that, even though 'quality' might be something of a nebulous descriptive here, I shall strive to keep churning out them blog posts, in case anyone actually reads this thing. Now, let me shake your hand and slap ya on the back. Vote for ME!

Oh, gosh, wait a minute...can you tell that I've just been through another political season? I'm waiting for the Spectre Of It All to Wear Off. I just got carried away; sorry 'bout that. Excuse me while I knock myself back into reality...(Slap! Biff! Bam! POWIE! OOF! Whack!!!)...there...I'm okay now...but anyway, we now have a New President. (I'll save my errant-deliberate-misspelling, "Prezzident" until he starts screwing up royally.) As far as Presidential political things go, I've been enthused by things I've seen in the paper, however. Paper. You know, in Today's Printed News, Printed On Paper...perhaps a dangerous economical downturn is in progress, if we weigh the fact that Those Entities Which Bring Us The News are themselves shrinking, at a time when there's more baaaad news than ever. And, ironically, the very thing you're reading this blog on (the Computer) is probably to blame for at least some of that downturn. No newsprint needed here! No expensive presses to maintain! No ten-ton huge rolls of newsprint to have to load onto the printing presses! No pressmen's salaries! I'll have to turn to alternative methods of acquiring something to line my little parrot's cage with...

I have read, yes, in the newspaper, that President Obama (well, President-elect Obama) is doing what he can to overturn some stuff; for instance, he's gonna promote stem-cell research, something I heartily advocate. Embryonic cells, you know, that aren't taken from a fetus, so the nasty questions surrounding abortions don't have to be addressed at all...anyway, Obama is going to push for Embryonic Stem-Cell research, and I think that's GREAT. And, according to Obama's Presidential Press-secretary (Rahm Emanuel), Obama is going to move ahead on tax cuts for those making under $250,000 a year, which describes a whole lot of us here in this great nation. Never mind if he actually can be really effective (I hope he is), but it's just the fact that he's DOING SOMETHING that's got me twisting in my knickers. Mr. Emanuel has also said that among things to be focused on, pronto, by the new administration would be expanding health coverage, revamping energy policy and making education more affordable. Again, it looks like President Obama will be actually DOING SOMETHING he said he was gonna do. In my book, even TRYING to get things done rates waaay high! In short, "You GO, Mr. President."

Of course, all the conspiracy theorists out there are gonna have a field day with this administration..."hey, did you hear that Obama, you know, the President with "Hussein" as his middle name, has hired a guy named "Rahm" as Press Secretary? Them farreigners are gonna take over our nation, I tell ya..." I think Foreign Policy is going to be a Huge Thing for the Obama Administration to tackle. Look, we've been in Iraq, we helped overthrow their government, we've lost a lot of lives along the way, and perhaps the nations Over There just want us Out of there, and if they do indeed want us out, shouldn't we LEAVE? Just Leave? So this is something the incoming President will need to address. An editorial in today's Newspaper said that if Our Nation didn't do that, the situation in the (Middle? Near?) east would wreck the new administration in much the same way the Bushed Administration was plundered asunder. I tend to agree. I've long wondered why our country has felt it has to go around the world, cramming all kinds of Democratic principles down the throats from people who obviously don't WANT those principles. on everyone. And maybe we need to direct our efforts towards making this country better, for us, its citizens, to live in. I think that would be a welcome change. You know, focusing on stuff inside our borders for once.

Look, I know that no President can do Everything that he's set out to do. We all know that. But, based on the things I've read so far, I'm kinda excited that some semblance of forward movement is happening already. Maybe it's happened this rapidly with other incoming administrations before, and I've never noticed...and maybe my expectations have been lowered because we've basically had an Idiot Prezzident (there! I got to use my miss-spelling!) in the White House for the last 8 years, with a corrupt, secretive administration in back of him. People voted for John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton because of the promise of something totally different, and while each of those administrations couldn't live up to what we all expected, we're in a similar situation now. Do something, Mr. Obama. Even if you don't get your stuff passed, WE know that at least you're slinging ideas out there. This is why I'm excited. Oh, I know our huge government will always be a mind-numbing, faceless, monolithic entity that many of us Citizens can't fathom, but as long as there's the promise of a difference, some kind of a difference, somewhere...I'm kinda excited about that.

They're coming to take me away, ha-ha-ha, hee-hee-hee, ho-ho-ho, to the funny farm where life is beautiful all the time, where those nice young men in their clean white suits can dump me in a padded cell with no access to political media, ha ha HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous hot water systems said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh Obama

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Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Mr. System...I'm not sure if your response is pro-or anti-Obama, but I don't see how anyone can do any worse than what we've had in this last administration...

10:14 PM  

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