Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Labor Day's come and gone...
...and ol' Mr. Summertime exits in a most pleasing way...
Each year at this time get a sort-of wistful feeling when Labor Day arrives; although, technically it's still Summer for a while yet, something just 'feels different'. Maybe it's a psychological thing, I don't know. When you fill up the bathtub, the extra water seeps out a small drain in the top part of the tub. That could be analogous to the days of Summer getting gradually shorter after June 21st. Once the plug is pulled, though, the water begins rushing down the drain, and, well, that's how it feels once Labor Day has come and gone.
I always look forward to the peace and quiet that present themselves this time of year, but at the same time, I can always feel time beginning to rush by as Autumn nears. All of a sudden, the days aren't getting gradually shorter; each day, quite a chunk of time is lost. I try not to think about time passing by, but it always crosses my mind nonetheless. So, all I really can do is appreciate some of the things I get to see, and all I have to do is drive a little ways to get there. So, just keep this photo in mind when Winter gets here. And it will get here. Shudder...

Here's hoping for a lot more sunshine between 'now' and those dark November and December days, which aren't all that far away. Feel free to return to this post anytime...especially this winter, when the pipes are bursting or the snow and ice are converting everyday activities into life-threatening incidents. And down here on the coast, I'll hope the winter winds don't reach 100 miles an hour this year. That's a little bit scary. Plus, I don't need a big pine tree falling on my house anytime soon. Even if I do have my homeowners' insurance paid up.

Last winter (earlier this year, actually) there were massive power outages all up and down the Washington and Oregon coasts. The only light I had for a while came from my laptop computer screen. Note to self: BUY CANDLES.


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