Friday, September 12, 2008

Who the heck is SARAH PALIN?
And, how the HELL does McGain think she'll help him WIN???

All of a sudden, a former Alaska lady-mayor of a town you'd miss if you closed your eyes while someone else was driving you through it, who's only been Alaska's Governor for a coupla years, is now Potentially The Next Prezzident if John McLame wins and then expires thirty days into his administration. Some say the reason she was brought in on the Republican (Rethugglian?) ticket was to attract some of the women out there who were gonna vote for Hillary Clinton. Gosh...I thot we'd all dodged that bullet when Hillary Lost The Primaries to Barack Obama, who sure seems to have lost a lot of luster himself in the last few weeks...come on, Barack, start GIVIN' EM HELL, NOW!!! Palin's WORSE THAN HILLARY! But anyway, back the issue of Sarah know, the lady who's UNFIT to be Vice-President of The 'Sweet Adelines', let alone of this NATION...
I understand McSame's campaign spent at least twenty minutes researching her background before telling the nation and, yea, the entire free (and captive) world that she's gonna be second-in-command. Shiverr me timbers, mateys...there's potential scandal following her: everything from "Pork" that she initially voted for, but then conveniently declared she couldn't stand the sight of (you know, that ugly 'bridges to nowhere' thing)...while Gov'nor of the State of Eternal Snow, she billed the STATE for 'per diem' while she lived in her OWN HOUSE (you know, that ugly Per Diem thing). And, she evidently got an Alaska State Trooper fired for personal reasons (you know, that 'troopergate' thing) illicit and as-of-yet-unfounded rumours that she keeps a home aquarium full of Satanic Lizards (but those are just rumours, you understand). And, if so, did she bill the State of Alaska for Hartz-Mountain Satanic Lizard food?

So if a total crackpot, know-nothing, burned-out, oblivious ex-voter like ME has heard about all of this Palin Stuff, where are the Burning Sensational Scandals, why is the Republican Party Not In Complete And Utter Chaos trying to defend jabs from the Left and Right, and Why hasn't McVain denounced her, claiming he didn't know THIS stuff about her? It happened to Tom Eagleton, after all, so why not Sarah Palin? Well, I think I might know one reason why...when George McGovern dumped Tom Eagleton from the ticket, after it had been revealed Eagleton had undergone MENTAL THERAPY (gosh, we can't have a loony in the White House, after all), McGovern looked like a weak CAVER. Obviously, McDrain doesn't wanna look like a caver. Instead, now he looks like an IDIOT. She's shrill, opinionated, inexperienced, vindictive, and HARSH, from everything I've read about her. If this Republican Ticket, the way it is now, wins this fall, HEAVEN HELP US ALL.

Sarah Palin, being unavoidably restrained after Swearing 'In Tongues' at the height of TrooperGate.

I honestly don't know what to believe anymore. I don't know what anyone's telling us, as a nation, anymore. What we have, whether we vote Republican Or Democrat, is someone who is INEXPERIENCED, teamed up with a member of the Political Papacy (in other words, 'Politicians Forever or At Least Until They Die), and gosh, golly, gee-whiz, the potential for lame judgments and political doublespeak resulting from mass manipulation just abounds no matter who ya vote for. I've asked it before...what if they gave an election and No One Came? I 'spose I'd still vote Democratic...I figure, if politics is always corrupt (which it is), at least I'd be voting for a Different Kind of Corruption. It'll probably come down to flipping coins in the voting booth. Heads, Democrats, Tails, Republicans. Maybe I'll make it a 'best 2 out of 3'...

No wonder Prezzident Bushed (the Dubya version) is supporting term under his rule, and all of a sudden, GWB's legacy (legacy?) won't look all that bad. In closing...this is just about as low as 'low' can get. Diminishing expectations. Go, fight, win, rah rah rah...ack.....

ONE MORE THING BEFORE I GO: The World has FORMALLY ENDED. I have posted my first-ever LINK in this blog. It contains photos of the Oregon Coast and Surrounding areas. You'll find it in the upper left margin, underneath the highly appropriate "George W. Bush Countdown Clock."


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Oh, Dave, those photos are wonderful!

3:34 PM  
Blogger Kendra said...

Not only a humorous wordsmith, but a talented photog too... I'm impressed, IE! How come you've been stashing these great pics away? And no wonder you bailed to Oregon if the scenery in your neck of the woods is that gorgeous. I adore the coast... and is that lighthouse the same one in the background of your blog?

4:47 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Mari and ladies are much, much, too sweet to me. Glad you liked the photos. I really haven't been hiding those fotos, tho; I just got my digital cam a coupla weeks ago...check back often, for I will update that slideshow, by the way...

11:00 PM  

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