Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's a New Name for the Same Old Politics...
The HOKEY-POKEY Principle...

Okay, this Political Funds stuff as applied to the Prezzidential candidates is starting to confuse me a bit, and Barack Obama is beginning to sound as 'slippery' as everybody else. Of course, Obama might say, "well, McCain started it!", and McCain might say, "did not!". But this has been going on for a while now. Like FOREVER. Candidates point fingers and spread half-truths just like everyone else, even those candidates who Aspire To The Highest Office In The Land. Even candidates who aspire to "change"...

Some time ago, Mr. Obama said that he would gladly submit to the U.S. Government's Federal-election-cost funding thing, and Mr. McCain expressed his approval of that because it put both candidates on a Level Playing Field. And then Obama said recently, that he was "opting out" of the Government's election-funds-program, and instead, he would go "private". And, in justifying that move, Mr. Obama pretty-much said that 'going private would be the only way he could get the REALLY-PUBLIC funds'...(huh? what?) citing that he, after all, was the recipient of numerous small cash gifts from Americans Such As You And I; you know, $5 dollars here, $10 dollars there, here a dollar, there a dollar, everywhere a quack-quack...and Obama said that taking all of these small private contributions would pretty-much put the kibosh on Big Influential Types Thinking They Can Buy The Election.

Now, in a normal Political year, a Candidate would most likely go after those who can provide the biggest financial political-gifts, but this ain't a normal year. As a matter of fact, Mr. McCain cried "foul" at Obama's non-reliance on the 'system' because Obama has A WHOLE TON OF MONEY, coming from those tiny political contributions, as opposed to the Lesser Amount Available To McCain thru the Federal Election System. Sounds like a case of "it's not fair; Obama's getting more money than I'm getting"...but if Mr. McCain had any personality, any charm, any semblance of believability, he might get a lotsa plain folks contributing to his candidacy as well. Right now, McCain is totally without fire, spontaneity, personality or believability. This ain't the same McCain we first became familiar with long ago.

Now it's been reported that McCain HIMSELF has gone back and forth between Federal Funds and Private Donations. So what's McCain really griping about? Could it be that McCain perceives Obama as a Real Threat? Of COURSE. So McCain will throw anything he can at Obama, hoping it sticks, and Obama defends himself, dodging left hooks and right crosses that McCain's throwing around with wild abandon. So, we can sum things up according to "The Hokey-Pokey Principle"; McCain, a Republican, uses the "Right" foot, while Obama, a Democrat, would use his "Left"...

McCain, for example, would put his "right" foot in (taking private campaign donations earlier), take his "right" foot out (switching over to Federal Campaign funds), so he'd do the Hokey-Pokey and run off at the mouth.

Obama, on the other hand, would put his "left" foot in (saying he'd go the Federal Funds route), pull his "left" foot out (saying he switched to private funds to get public money), and he'd do the Hokey-Pokey and cause all kinds of doubt.

No matter what anyone does or says in this world, it comes down to three words: FOLLOW THE MONEY.

I suppose I run the risk of viewing the upcoming election in dangerously simplistic terms, but I've gotta start somewhere. And the sinking feeling I'm getting is, that Obama is a "Politician", just like all the other "Politicians" out there, and probably through default, McCain is going to look better and better as more and more things are said to apply tarnish to Obama. In short, they just might end up being more alike than either would ever admit. Doing the same old dance. The Hokey-Pokey.

And yet, part of me thinks I'm missing the boat here. I think I should maybe go out and Run for something. Would you like to contribute? While you mull that over, remember that the Hokey-Pokey is Nothing New. Aerosmith would call it the "Same Old Song And Dance, my friend..."


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