Sunday, June 01, 2008

Nothing Is What It Is, Or Is It?
Political Impressions...or the lack thereof...

What's all this I hear about "half-votes" in the Michigan Democratic Primary? I have absolutely no idea; can delegate counts really be manipulated like that? A half vote? Sounds like that would be a good option, should a delegate not want to commit to either candidate. Well, this is politics, after all, and don't forget that strange things can happen here in the land of the Hanging Chad. I don't have a clue about this, but then again, I never thot I'd ever hear of a 'half-vote', either. How silly is that?
Meanwhile, Former Prezzidential Press-Secretary Scott McClellan (the human race's best example of the Charlie Brown syndrome), has written a tell-all book describing how much the Bush Administration has lied to us all about everything. Bob Dole, Republican Dinosaur that he is, has stopped just short of saying McClellan would feed his mother to the dogs. In Another Time, Bob Dole was a War Hero, and will always be, but as far as the current political scene, he's Just Another Republican Weasel, so there. Do some more Viagra ads, Mr. Dole. Maybe then people will think you're Still Current, a real 'happening' dude...

In the meantime, Barack Obama is fast becoming the Ultimate Master Of The Politically Correct Cave-In. He was taken to task for not wearing an American Flag Pin. Hey, folks, HE'S RUNNING FOR PREZZIDENT, so I think he's an American, and wearing a damned PIN won't make him any more 'American'. So all of a sudden, he starts showing up on the stump with Flag Pin On Suit-Coat Lapel. CAVE-IN! And, he finally got around to Resigning From His Church, because the off-kilter Pastor's sermons contained Things Objectionable. CAVE-IN! Why did he wait until now? Maybe he's trying to get some 'news mentions', since Obviously Hillary Won't Go Away, especially now that she's got all those 'half-votes'.

Every time she opens her mouth, that flat nasal twang of hers sounds like she's NAGGING. It's hard to get past that. She just LOOKS (and sounds) unlikeable. Some have gone so far as to speculate on a Clinton-Obama (or Obama-Clinton) administration. Can you say "disaster"? I knew ya could... To quote the waitress Flo, who worked at Mel's diner in the old '70's TV series, "Alice", "WHEN DONKEYS FLY!" Yeah, like THAT'LL happen. Meantime, Obama appears to be losing his lustre...continually, he makes All Kinds Of Promises, utilizing Glittering Generalities, Expecting Us to believe all of them, but he sounds more and more like candidates of yore who promised the Same Things using the same Old Glittering Generalities. And don't even get me started on McCain. I hear he's been looking for a running mate lately. Hopefully McCain will pick someone with a background in Economics, since HE himself is an admitted ignoramus in that department.

In the meantime, the country is in the clutches of $4.00 a gallon gasoline (give or take, mostly, "take")...and things are finally getting to the place where people are curtailing their driving habits. This is a free country, so it's ironic that high gas prices are going to be imprisoning us. The weather was Beautiful this past weekend. And Purely Out Of Principle, I didn't drive ONE INCH during that time. When I pulled into the gas station last Friday, I got there Just In Time. Although the numbers on the readerboard said $4.19 a gallon, the pumps hadn't been switched over yet. I only ("only"?) ended up paying $4.17. That would mean that I saved roughly a DIME over roughly $20.00 worth. How pathetic. How frickin' pathetic.
How Ironic would it be if things got so bad, that motorists had to take out one o'them Auto Title Loans in order to be able to put gas in the tank? Meanwhile, the War Machine gobbles up more and more gas. We wouldn't wanna pull out anytime soon...might make those in the Oil Cartels unhappy!


Blogger Word Tosser said...

The pathetic thing is when the prices go down to $3.50 we will be all so thrilled.... even tho we will be paying 50 cents more than we were paying in January.
now that is pathetic of us

8:30 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Cis, that's EXACTLY how it works. Except that perhaps in the future, oil companies will ask themselves, "why should we EVER lower gas prices?" That'll probably happen right around the time of Armageddon.

8:50 PM  

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