Monday, April 07, 2008

It's a (Political) TUG OF WAR...

Some folks are saying that Hillary's campaign for Lady Prezzident has lost a couple of wheels along the way; she and her chief campaign strategist parted ways (she booted him out), and also she's trying to appeal to the blue-collar crowd in spite of the fact it's just been revealed that her and hubby have made almost $110 MILLION DOLLARS since Bill's been Chief Executive. A cool 50 million of that has come from Slick Willie's speeches he's given around the country to whatever private group wants to hear him. He's probably spoken at various Democratic Party functions over the years...

The following scene is a vignette featuring a couple attending a Democratic Party fundraising dinner at which Bill Clinton gave one of his speeches-for-hire:

SHE: "You're being such a pig! Mind your manners!"
HE: "I'm paying $1,000 for this dinner, so if I want to, I'll LICK MY PLATE!"

But back to the subject at hand: Hillary's just gotta be thinking to herself, "Here I am, running for Prezzident, and just when I get going, that's when Barack Obama comes out of nowhere!" She's not getting the universal adoration from her own party that she's fantasized about getting for so, so long. So far, Mr. Obama has done quite well against her. But she says she's in this thing to stay. And this Democratic Prezzidential campaign oughta be verrry interestink...and as Paul McCartney once sang, "it's a Tug Of War"...

When I first saw this foto at, I knew I would deface it in this manner.

I'm just waiting 'till things get really ugly between the candidates later this year. And ol' McCain is kinda sittin' there like a vulture, waiting for these birds to tear each other to bits.


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