Friday, April 11, 2008

It's 3AM...time for some more

Bill Clinton is a force to be reckoned with. Especially for remember back a while ago, when she said, "when the phone rings at 3am, you need a Prezzident who's READY..." I guess ol' Bill was trying to rationalize his wife's mis-statement of landing in Bosnia amidst sniper fire and all sorts of other mean, nasty, ugly things. Of course, she saw Not One Bullet that day, so she "mis-spoke". Because she "mis-remembered".

Now, that whole Hillary-Bosnia thing was beginning to die off when ol' Bill brought it up again...saying how she mis-spoke because she was exhausted, which caused her to mis-speak. And now there's a feeding frenzy in the media 'cos, if she's exhausted, what'll she do when she gets called at 3am? Will her judgment be "off" 'cos she's wiped out? And if that's not bad enough, Bill said something to the effect of, "when you get to be 60, sometimes you forget things". So, in the world according to Bill Clinton, not only does his wife get exhausted, she's also getting old and forgetful. I not only think Bill Clinton is off his rocker these days; he's also fast becoming a foolish cariacature of himself. Hillary probably thinks that too.

I think, in order to keep up with things, Barack Obama needs to get out there and Make Some Stupid Mistakes Of His Own...because, it sure looks like Hillary's getting a lot of coverage 'cause she takes history and re-writes it, and then has a former-Prezzident-hubby making all kinds of excuses for her. Face it, the more you get your name out there, the more people become aware of you. So, Barack, how about it? You could come out and say, for instance, that We Need To Keep Fighting In Iraq 'cos War Is Good For The Economy. Or, you could say that John McCain is basically a white-headed George Dubya-Bush clone. Or, that Hillary's cut her hair shorter 'cos she is, in fact, going for the Granny Vote. Come on, Mr. can screw up; I've got faith in ya.

Meanwhile, Vice-Prezzident Dick Cheney (who looks like Grandpa from "The Munsters" (well, sorta...), is in the spotlight, 'cos he was photographed with a funny reflection in his Sun-rays...Nora O'Donnell on MSNBC said today that some have said it looks like a "NEKKID" woman...and it sort-of seems to have a navel, in fact. You can tell I've spent quite a bit of time studying this. Either I'm Now Officially A Dirty Old Man or Cheney is...or maybe we both are...


Actually, I'm taking a big chance in posting the above photo, 'cos I'm assuming that the Vice Prezzident Actually Has A Heart...


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