Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Waxing inconsistent with Hillary!
It's not so bad, she says, because she simply "mis-spoke"!

Gosh, Prezzidential Election Years are so much fun. Well, not every Prezzidential election year. But this one sure is. Hillary Clinton, for example, ain't gonna give up no matter how bad things get for her, in spite of the fact she has just about been mathematically eliminated as far as winning the Democratic Party's nomination. And now, she says she went back to Bosnia in 1996, back in her hubby's administration, and she had to land under fire and duck her head to avoid stray bullets before rhapsodizing with the troops who were then over there. Problem is, although the rhapsodizing may indeed have taken place, she landed under no such conditions, and the only time she ducked was when she tried not to bump her head on the top of the airplane's doorway. OOPS! When confronted about that, she said, "I MIS-SPOKE". That's because, I guess, she "mis-remembered".

Today, Hillary said that she's been against the North American Free Trade Agreement from "day one". But way back when, she was actually FOR it, and she helped get it APPROVED. OOPS! She mis-spoke again! The trade agreement, according to those in the know, caused a lot of workers in this country to LOSE their jobs. And of course, in addition to the rich high and mighty folks' votes she needs, she also needs to have Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bluecollar's votes as well. Mr. Bluecollar is one of the folks who lost his job due to NAFTA. But, you see, Hillary's got what I have termed as "Presidential Candidate's Privilege"...she MIS-SPOKE, and because she did, we're all supposed to believe her, and believe that she is against something she voted FOR, even though she implies she's ALWAYS been against it. But, when a politico says, "I MIS-SPOKE", well, all is forgiven. Right? Just erase the slate and start over. It never happened. I never said that. And if I said that, I mis-spoke. Right? Do you believe me? I want your vote.

No, I'm not typing all of the above because I am especially politically-informed this time around. I'm shamelessly leeching this data from the midnight re-airing of "Hardball". The host, Chris Mathews, most of the time is hard to endure; he's got one of those abrasive loud voices that can peel paint, but then again, that's a blessing when Prezzidential Candidates are being taken to task. He talks so LOUD, that No One Can Speak Over Him. All of a sudden right now, I'm thinking, "You GO, Chris"...when, a couple of months ago, I'd said right here in this blog that I couldn't stand watching him. My excuse? "Well, a couple of months ago, I mis-spoke, informed by views I wasn't qualified to have then, so this is really how I feel NOW...will I feel this way 'permanently', or just for a while? I don't know. While I'm at it, may I also sell you an Alaskan Tropical Vacation? Nome is really NICE this time of year!"

So, even though Hillary may have flexible logic and a startling ability to generate her version of Revisionist History, no matter what happens, no matter how many more delegates Mr. Obama wins, she's gonna hang in there and fragment the Democratic Party all she can, 'cos she's got a mission, a purpose, she's patriotic, she's loyal, steadfast, true....ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz....and the following photo depiction describes her frame of mind as she answers her critics:

Now, there is one single solitary figure I haven't slandered or libeled in the last few posts...or at least, I haven't done it very much...did I just "mis-speak" again? If I did, it's only because I "mis-remembered". OOPS! Anyway, George W. Bush has pretty gotta feel fairly redundant these days, deflated of all purpose and relevancy, uttering a forced sentence here and there, as when he told us all recently that reaching the number of 4,000 now dead in the Iraq War is sad and regrettable and all the other things that a President says when he sticks to the script...anyway, ol' Dubya hasn't gotten his due in this blog lately. He's still the Prezzident, after all. And, recently, he actually had a pretty good day...

I'll bet even the folks at like this photo satire...

Meanwhile, all the MSNBC Vultures who feed on political road-kill are beginning to refer to Repubblican Prezzidential Nominee John McCain as "Teflon John" because the all of the Democrats' clanging and banging seems to be taking all the attention off him, even though he wants to "stay the course", and we should ALL be concerned about that. One McCain factoid, according to Dan Abrams, the talking head on the air right now, is that the the Senator has Missed More Votes than Any Other Healthy Senator. Your Tax Dollars In Action. John McCain's resemblance to the Pillsbury Doughboy is documented in the post directly below this one, by the way.

Actually, maybe every year should be a Prezzidential election year, 'cos it's so much fun to watch these politicians make fools of themselves. All Obama (remember him?) has to do is appear dignified and trustworthy, and he'll leave Hillary in the dust, 'cos after all, she's "asleep at the wheel" as one of Dan Abram's guests has just said, right now. OOPS! I mis-spoke...this program actually first aired 7 or 8 hours ago. My bad! Do you forgive me? By the way, Obama's on vacation this week in the Virgin Islands. That's a good strategy. Don't say anything to anyone, 'cos then you won't "mis-speak". And if he continues that, he's STILL gonna win the Democratic Nomination (An irresponsible projection on my part). Especially if Mme. Clinton continues to write Revisionist History.

To be fair, yes, I know Obama is trying to deal with this whole situation involving remarks that his Pastor has made over the years, remarks of an un-American nature. And I'm sure that he's got his flaws, too. I'm just not hearing a whole lot about them. And like in almost every other election, it'll be the candidate who "mis-speaks and mis-remembers" the least who wins. Or not. Maybe all a candidate needs these days is a state like FLORIDA, with plenty of "hanging chads" in the voting system. And having a Governor of that state as your brother, I'm sure, doesn't hurt your chances any. (That last sentiment was a rabble-rousing comment, designed to improve my ratings, by the way.)

Speaking of Dan Abrams, who got put back on the air, I guess, to Really Earn the money he's making at MSNBC (I think he was their legal consultant after he left the air a couple years ago), doesn't he kinda look like the proverbial "Deer In The Headlights?"


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