Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm INNOCENT of all charges!!!
The TAP WATER made me do it...

First, a little bit of'll put everything that follows into context. Or not...
"Scientists have detected low levels of a range of prescription drugs in the water supplies of 24 major metropolitan areas in the US. The drugs include antibiotics, anticonvulsants, mood stabilizers, and sex hormones. When people take medications, their bodies do not absorb them entirely, and some of the drugs are passed into the sewage system; some drugs are resistant to current wastewater treatment processes, and when the treated water is released back into the environment, it often ends up as part of the drinking water supply."
--News Article That Actually Appeared On This Here Blog Page. Take Heed!

THE POLITICAL CHUG-A-LUG: I've been reading that a lot of cities across these here United States have amounts of residual drugs in the water that course thru underground pipes, to water taps, such as wot you and I have, and into our drinking glasses or fountains. And, actually, that explains a lot of things. All you have to do is watch any crime program, like the ones on MSNBC or TruTV (formerly Court TV), and you'll see all kinds of folks who've gone away to prison due to Bad Choices they made while on Drugs. And, now we learn Drugs are in the Nation's Water Supply. I guess New York Governor Elliott Spitzer wasn't drinking bottled water when he made a Bad Choice and became involved with a $1500-dollar-an-hour 'professional lady'.

Today, Gov. Spitzer was weeping crocodile tears at the podium with his wife by his side as he tried in vain to explain his Bad Choice to the salivating media reps in the audience. She stood there gracefully, all the while waiting 'till she got him back home so she could bonk him on the head with a skillet. Perhaps it's time for Gov. Spitzer to switch from tap water to Aquafina (TM) before he Drops His Pants Again. Come to think of it, Idaho Senator Larry Craig must have been drinking some of that tainted tap water as well...he musta gulped a little more than his share at a Minneapolis Airport Drinking Fountain. After which he made his very own Bad Choice. Yeah, that's it. Hey, it's as good of an explanation as any...

DROWNING ON DRY LAND: Our Prezzident, who has approved unauthorized wiretapping, among other atrocities, has Come Right Out And Said that His Administration's information-gathering utilization technique of "Waterboarding", where you find your favorite Iraqi, Tie Him Down, and Pour Water over his head until he cries "Uncle" (or "Abdullah"), is legal and necessary, and yep, we're gonna keep waterboarding until, yea, verily, the last molecule of water hath disappeared from the earth. I offer these Bush Instances as Living Proof that drugs are flowing into the White House plumbing and out thru Dubya's tap, into his drinking glass, and into what's left of his Brain. After all, the conscious decision to torture a fellow Human Being is a bad choice, no matter who the 'torturee' is. I heartily recommend Bottled Water for Whoever is our next Prezzident. No more drug-saturated drinking water in the White House! Because THAT'S gotta be where a lot of Really Important bad choices seem to be made. They didn't call it "WATERgate" for nothin', ya know! (Now, that's REALLY convoluted.)

I did NOT perform this photo-satire. I am now stealing fotos from fellow bloggers. Who also think Bush is loony.

Actually, the drugs-in-the-water-systems scenario ALL STARTS TO MAKE SENSE NOW. In 2002, the great state of Florida was inundated with all kinds of waterbound semi-toxins (enough to affect but not kill a person), and hence, the vote count got screwed up somehow, and Prezzident Bush, lo and behold, became The Elected Leader. Bad choice, people! Then, four years later, enough folks in the electorate of This Great Nation were adversely affected by various water-based neurotoxins to actually Vote For George Bush To Be Prezzident Again. (Dopes electing a dope?) Talk about yer bad decisions...gosh, residual drugs filter themselves into the water supply and all hell breaks loose! A lady astronaut caught up in a Love Triangle. Dick Cheney shooting at people instead of ducks. Don Imus using the phrase "Nappy-Headed Ho's" on national TV. Ralph Nader announcing he was gonna run for Prezzident. Hillary Clinton actually thinking she's gonna BE Prezzident...and so on, and so forth. Tainted water proves there's a Bad Moon On The Rise.

HE KEEPS CHURNIN' 'EM OUT: Paul McCartney's long since reached the point where the total of his solo albums surpassed the sum total of fellow-former-Beatles Ringo, John and George put together. (In all fairness, John and George aren't recording anymore.) And now, Macca's released a 4-song, 12" EP, which features live performances at a RECORD store in L.A. last year. No labels on the record, either; instead, little rectangular stickers where the labels should be. Huh? What? Paul evidently wanted the record to look like a "bootleg" LP, but all of the other bootlegged albums I've seen have labels...even if there's no printing on the labels! And, an out-of-focus photo of he, playing his Legendary Hofner violin-shaped bass guitar, adorns the cover, which ends up which looking all "pixellated" like it was taken with a cheap webcam...although an out-of-focus photo does tend to hide those age's the album be the judge...

By the way, "E.P." means "Extended Play". These four songs are on a 12" record, which is capable of holding 45 or 50 minutes' worth of music. On Paul's 12" E.P., (which is titled "Amoeba's Secret") there's maybe 15 minutes of music, total...2 songs per side. That don't sound like "extended" play to me! But, the music is good. Lively versions of "That Was Me" and "Only Mama Knows" (from his latest LP, "Memory Almost Full"), along with live versions of "C-Moon" (an obscure song he first did with Wings in 1972) and "I Saw Her Standing There", on which Paul succeeds in rolling back the least until the song's over. Part of me thinks Paul is Quite Silly, promoting himself as if he's some starving musician looking for some recognition, but the Other Part of me is glad he's still doing what he's doing. You Go, Paul! Of course, Paul doesn't need encouragement from me. It's been reported he's coming out with an album of New Stuff later on this year.

Paul doesn't worry about Drugs in the water Supply...although he just might've accidentally taken a few gulps of regular old tap water just before he met and married Heather. I'm afraid that's going to be quite an expensive Bad Decision.


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