Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Remedial blog-posting 101...
In short, maybe I'm getting worse instead of better. Who knows?

I don't know what came over me last week. I was posting like a whirling dervish of a madman, just throwing up all kinds of stuff, higgledy-piggledy, all over the faded paint of the proverbial Brick Wall of this blogsite, hoping that something would stick. Well, I posted stuff, what can I say? I figure if you supply enough volume, there's gotta be some quality in there somewhere. So I'll just toss some more stuff your way and see what happens...

Weather Report: (my choice of topic right there should tell ya I'm getting worse) I think the theme song of the Southern Oregon Coast should be that toe-tapping 1971 hit by the Fortunes, "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again". But since the rain's been going on for so long, I think, actually, Creedence's 1970 message of doom, "Who'll Stop The Rain" would be a better fit. Although, "Showdown" by the Electric Light Orchestra seems to sum up the mood, both lyrically and metaphorically...the lyrics say, in part, "and it's Rainin'...all over the world...tonight, the longest night..." So yeah, we've had rain. The Beatles sang, "When the rain comes, they run and hide their heads"...that would be me who's hiding my head. If I wanna get wet, I'll take a shower. Being near both a bay and harbor, there's a lotta people around here with boats. It hasn't been great for boating lately, but on a sunny day last week, I saw a bumper sticker on the back of an old dinged-up pickup that said, "If you can read this, somebody stole my boat". Okaaay....

Music News: Well, of course the big development is that Heatheryoko Mills Lost BIG in the divorce settlement between her and Sir Former Beatle Paul. Yeah, she lost BIG, all right. She was only, I said ONLY, awarded a mere $45 million and change. She originally wanted enough money to buy the Taj Mahal, Mount Rushmore, and several small but tropically warm countries. My advice for Heather is two-pronged. First, "don't spend it all in one place." And, two, "Shut Up and GO AWAY." Speaking of things Beatle, I was sitting in a restaurant the other day. A lady was sitting with her husband and noticed my Grand Funk Railroad T-shirt. She told me that she saw The Beatles in concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Now, most people exaggerate such things in order to Be Somebody, but I think she was tellin' the truth. And for a moment, her and I were rabid teenagers talking about music. Then she & hubby left the restaurant, in the rain, to go back to whatever it is they do. He looked older than She, and was probably wondering, "what's my wife doing talking to That Freak"? I had the impression he was the Grumpy Sort. Harrumph. (No 'rush to judgment there', huh?)

Allegedly, the Economy's bad these days: Actually, I never know when the country's doing well and when it ain't...after all, it's hard to hang onto money, no matter where ya go or when ya go there. For instance, I was in a Radio Shack store picking up some audio cables, and just out of curiosity, I asked the clerk, "if I someday need a new AC adapter for my laptop computer, which I bought here, how much would it be?" And the clerk said, "EIGHTY DOLLARS". For an adapter. Wow. What goes into an adapter, a few cents' worth of wire and a few cents' worth of plastic? I guess Research and Development is responsible for a lot of that cost. Me, I think I'll just use electricians' tape on the adapter I have now. Both adapter and computer are exhibiting signs of wear. I've worn a big white spot in my computer's "left-click" mouse button, which USED to be painted a sort-of silver-grayish color. I'll just have to hope that computer keys don't start popping off the keyboard like mexican jumping beans. Boing!

Poli-ticks: John McCain appeared in Iraq (or Iran), I believe, recently, and made some waaaay-off-the-cuff remarks; he couldn't seem to remember who was warring with who, or who was being sent to train in what country before going back to their original country to fight..."AND THIS GUY IS RUNNING FOR PREZZIDENT?", exclaimed Keith Olbermann, a pretty good talking head, although his "special comments" are kinda overstated and overbearing. Keith's usually pretty accurate, but his "comments" are beginning to remind me of the average Church Pastor who takes an hour and a half to make his point, when anyone else could do the same thing in 15 minutes. Anyway, McCain went over there on a fact-finding mission. How many facts did he find? And, how much money "per fact" would that be? Those pointless political shuttles to wherever ain't free, ya know, Mr. McCain! I don't plan on going over there any time soon, and I can tell you some facts: We've been there too long. We Should Get the Heck Out. "Mission Accomplished" was achieved LONG ago. Et Cetera. Those are FREE facts.

Meantime, Barack Obama made an evidently first-quality high-moral-ground type of speech about 'things racial' the other day, and it was a pretty doggone good speech. As far as speeches go anyway. (Remember, all speeches are "just words". "Action" is something else altogether.) Meanwhile, Obama's campaign workers fanned out and told the public that Hillary will do anything to get elected, even if that means trashing the Democratic Party. So, Obama takes the high ground and leaves the dirty work to his supporters. That's poli-ticks in a nutshell. Meanwhile, Hillary agreed that Obama's speech was the right thing to do...she had to agree. If she hadn't, everyone would be calling her a racist. Pretty clever, there, neutralized Hillary's campaign for At Least One Day. Obama is set to give two more Timely Speeches over the next two days. Maybe he could give a Timely Speech every day and then we wouldn't have to listen to Hillary?

A Little Bit of Entertainment (very little): I was watching one of the channels I usually watch (A & E, perhaps?) when my jaw literally hit the floor when a program promo came on. The show (forgot the title!) is being hosted by Danny Bonaduce, the Partridge Family Bad Boy who is still Bad, and guess who his female co-host is? Someone who I think is a good fit. In short, they're BOTH atrocious...his co-host is gonna be TONYA HARDING, the homicidal Olympic skater who didn't have enough guts to bash Nancy Kerrigan herself. And they're gonna host a show about dumb people doing dumb things. I guess, in order to host a show, you've gotta be an expert on the subject matter. Bonaduce and Harding could each write a Masters' Thesis on Doing Dumb Things. Meantime, I'm beginning to ask myself, "just why do I pay for cable TV?"

Okay, I've covered all the bases here. Oh, gosh, speaking of bases, the Seattle Mariners lost an exhibition game the other day by a score of 14-3. Let's hope the Mariners do better this season than the stock market, in an alleged prolonged slump, will do this year!


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