Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Are you...Experienced....?
Alternate title: Don't believe ANYTHING I write about politics!

DANGER! DANGER! WARNING!!! Before you read this post, which I wrote last night, I have an UPDATE...I wrote in a recent post that there might be a (hopefully) remote possibility that Hillary and Obama would be forced to be running mates...OBAMA WAS ACTUALLY ASKED THAT QUESTION TODAY, but it gets worse...the 'asker' meant that HILLARY would be Prezzident and Obama would be Vice Prezzident. Oh my gosh. How many ways are there to spell "disaster"?

...and now, I return you to our regularly scheduled blog, already in progress...

Maaan. A couple weeks ago, I had pretty-much written off Hillary's chances at winning the Democratic Party's nomination, let alone the Prezzidency itself. She looked old and tired, she seemed like an irrelevant-to-anything has-been, and Barack Obama looked like the newest purveyor of "the dream", whatever that dream is...as much as I'm uncomfortable with Hillary, though, she can't be written off just yet. In the primaries tonight, she won 3 of 4 states against Obama. Oh my gosh. Now the pundits are saying that Hillary's in the race until the (bitter?) end. She won't go away anytime soon. Why, all of a sudden, do I feel so resigned about this? Hillary came out with a political ad saying, "who would you trust at 3am when All Hell is breaking loose, someone like ME with a LOT of political experience, or a young upstart like Obama who has all the political experience of a small soap dish?" Well, that's not an exact quote, but you get the idea...

Some pundits said a while back that the Clintons Really Know How To Campaign. They know how to Win, and Resort To Whatever It Takes in order to win. Hillary conveniently aligned herself with the State of New York (read: Lotsa voters, lotsa delegates). Wait a minute...didn't the Clintons come from Arkansas? Huh? What? Then, she got herself elected to the Senate, and Immediately Became Powerful. That shoulda been a clue right there. A large state that's close to Washington, D.C., the center of power. Can you say "opportunistic"? I knew ya could...and, as a Woman, Hillary can beat up all she wants on Obama, but if he rips her apart into microscopic shreds, he'll look bad for beating up on a woman. So Hillary might just end up using her gender to its best advantage. So far, Obama has "risen above the fray", but that may not do him much good when Hillary drops an anvil on his head from the top of a 10-story building, flattening him. Bonk!

So what the heck am I doing writing about politics, and why should anyone read what I've written, yet alone believe any of it? Not that long ago, I wrote that Obama had the "mojo" workin' for him, but all of a sudden, he's dead in the water, kinda like a hydroplane with a blown engine. Well, maybe he hasn't blown his engine yet, but the boat's losing speed; that's what it feels like right about now. And a lot of this has to do with Obama's credibility coming into question. What has he done over the years? What important legislation has he sponsored? How many Unbelievable Miracles has he blessed the multitudes with during his Political Tenure? But more than anything, Hillary's going to say He's Not...Experienced. So don't trust him, because after all, She would have you believe that if he gets called out of bed at 3 in the morning to push a nuclear arms button, he'd probably send missiles to the wrong country. And if Hillary says Obama is a Remedial Politician with Virtually No Important Experience Whatsoever, (which is basically what she's saying), he can't retort by saying, "Hillary, you SLUT...You KNOW you're wrong, you pathological LIAR", 'cos if he uses his man-liness to fend off Hillary, he'll look like a Big Bully. At the same time, what good does it do to appear 'dignified', as Obama's Really Trying To Do, and LOSE?

As I'm typing this, Ms. Hillary is addressing her flock: "We don't need more promises, we need solutions". And that ol' familiar nagging feeling is returning: How can Anyone bring about the Changes Necessary To Cure All of our ills? If Hillary is elected Prezzident, how much political infighting, stalling and filibustering will there be just because She Is Hillary? Will she get caught in the quagmire of political infighting, kinda like what happened to Jimmy Carter, who presented himself as an outsider and No One In Congress Liked Him? Meanwhile, the Republicans are probably licking their chops: John McCain Will Be The Republican Prezzidential Candidate. And most likely, he'll be the Next Prezzident, due to the Democratic Party imploding upon itself 'cuz the forces of Clinton and Obama are so astronomically far apart. Ack. America, get ready for another 100 years in Iraq!

The big line in Hillary's commercials has been, "who would YOU trust to handle a National/International crisis at 3 in the morning?", but no one seems to be asking, "Madame candidate, are YOU any more experienced on that issue than Barack Obama, Pee Wee Herman or Donald Duck?" In short, No One Has That Kind Of Experience. When It Happens (God forbid), Whoever Is Prezzident will Deal With It WHEN it happens. I don't see anything Hillary's done in the last millenium which makes her any more qualified to Push The Button Or Decide Something Important. You gotta admit, though, that whoever came up with that ad copy probably has written One Of The Most Important Campaign Commercials Ever. Maybe she's trying to Push Obama's Button, hoping he self-destructs. I detest politics, I absolutely HATE 'em. But this is gonna be one of the most fascinating-ever Election Years. The choices: McCain, more of the same ol' same ol. Obama, diplomatic yet unproven. Hillary, experienced but LOUD. My advice to Obama? If Hillary brings a Rolling Pin to the next debate, you better run for cover!

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself that I'm not making any sense here. You might be asking yourself, "when will this post be OVER? And, what do I get for reading this diatribe?" Just for you, dear reader, I have supplied a little bit of comic (?) relief in the photo-satirized Important 60's Album Cover immediately below...

Egad. A Rock and Roll nightmare come true. Not much harmony in this group!

I'd make a terrible Prezzident. I'm not a morning person. Especially not a 3-in-the-morning person.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Not a 3 a.m. morning person? In a suit adorned with pearls and perfectly coiffed? Oh, come now.

I did, my friend, I read the whole post!

By the way, for some comic relief, how are the birds??

2:13 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

I don't have the birds anymore. I think I must be pet-dysfunctional. Actually, I've been a 3 in the morning person quite a bit...when I go to bed extra late, that is...

6:14 PM  

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