Friday, February 22, 2008

A different brand of HYPOCRISY...
...this time around, it involves the Broadcast Media...

A couple of days ago, Fox News talking head Bill O'Reilly referred to Mrs. Barack Obama's speech in which she said she was proud of our country for the first time in Her Adult Life. Oh my, the press, ever conditioned to be negative, leaped all over that one..."ooooh my, does that mean she's not proud to be an American?" "Ooooooh my, does that mean she's always been ashamed of our country?" "Ooooooh, is this armor with which we can crucify Barack Obama's candidacy?" "Oooooh my, if we really hype this, can we get bigger ratings?" and on and on and on.

I, for one, have been really ASHAMED of our country at times throughout the last 20 or 30 years. Ashamed because we keep trying to take care of the whole world, while people in this country continue to suffer. Ashamed because we waste billions of dollars overseas while we unable to adequately take care of domestic situations, like the Hurricane Katrina situation...or trying to win a futile war abroad, while we can't keep illegal immigrants from sneaking into our country. And especially, for electing a looney-tunes idiot like George W. Bush, not once, but TWICE. Gosh, we must look stupid to a lot of people abroad.

So, getting back to Bill O'Reilly, he said he wouldn't necessary host a "Lynching party" for Ms. Obama until he had all the facts. Let's see, a Guy Who Should Know Better, using That Phrase when referring to a Black Person. Hmmm. Wait a minute here, pod'ner...didn't Don Imus LOSE his job over at MSNBC for applying a racial slur to the Rutgers' University Womens' Basketball Team, a group of predominantly black women? And, while Imus apologized profusely and even MET with the basketball team (AFTER he'd been fired, turns out), O'Reilly issued a "sort-of" apology ("IF anyone was offended by what I said"...), an anemic gesture at best.

So guess what, FOX NETWORK...because of this, I will continue to NOT WATCH your news programming, which consists of mainly pompous idiot-savants who couldn't get a job in the movies, so instead, they're spreading their fiction in news-type programs designed to manipulate the masses. I can't watch Hannity/Colmes, I can't watch O'Reilly, I can't watch that bubble-headed Glenn Beck, and the geeky Greta Van Susteren reminds me of the Ugly Girl in School who could Never Get A Date. What a bunch of dreck they spew out all over the place.

So, if Fox can dish out the dreck, well, so can I. By a sort of divine process, I can actually tell what the Prezzidential candidates are thinking in spite of the dignified fronts they try to impress the American Public with. For example, this Divine Revelation was presented to me while watching sound-bytes of the latest Great Debate. (Sound-bytes are all I can stand; watching the entire thing is...well, it's more than I can stand.) Anyway...
My saner side, which does manage to emerge thru the mire every now and then, is telling me, that with this post, not only have I been megalomaniacal, I've now become delusional. I kinda like it that, way, tho...keeps life from being (too) dull.


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