Monday, February 18, 2008

"Aw, gee, but EVERYONE ELSE is doing it!"
So, I guess that it's okay for me to jump on the bandwagon too...

For some unknown reason, it's become quite the trend to demonize the visage of Hillary Clinton. I suppose it's 'cuz she looks kinda psychotic when she smiles? I suppose it's 'cos every time she speaks in front of the public she sounds shrill? It's true, it's true, that if indeed there's any subtlety to Hillary, she sure hasn't put it on display much this political season. She could probably address the upcoming Democratic National Convention without a microphone and everyone would hear her just fine.

I have terrorized, yea, verily, lambasted Hillary's political image this time around. Who needs to scour the vast galaxy of brain cells in search of something, anything, to blog about when the political candidates unknowingly provide so much fodder for entertainment? All I can say is, "Aw, gee, but everyone ELSE is doing it!"...that saying didn't work so well when I was a kid, but I can now apply that sentiment anytime I wish and, at least this time around, I have PROOF. The photo-satire below was NOT done by me. I stole it (shamelessly) from another blog...

Maybe I should save this photo in case she wins the Nommination for the Prezzidency...I could always work my magic and put John McCain's photo where the baby's head is now...although it might actually be more fitting, from a character standpoint, to put Hillary's head where the baby's head is, and put McCain's head where Hillary's is. Ah, so many ways to go with this...

But not to be outdone (well, in this case, I might have been outdone), I decided, since EVERYONE ELSE is doing it, I would, too. So I did. I have no shame. This next photo shows our beleaguered Lady Prezzidential Candidate attempting to rally support for her campaign, which, while it may not be in a tailspin just yet, doesn't really seem to be going much of anywhere... needs to put its fotos under lock and key so I can't lambaste them.
It's just too easy...I can't help myself. I'm trying to stop, but I just can't. Everyone else is doing it, after all. Waaay too much fun...although, if I'm ever going to do something like this for John McCain, I think I'll just cut n'paste a bowl of Malt-O-Meal and put it where his face would be. He's sounding kinda mealy-mouthed these days...
See what happens when a person has time to kill? I'm waiting for a return call from my doctor's office, which we both know WILL NEVER HAPPEN. What was my first inkling? When I was told they'd "get back to me soon".


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

I hadn't see the top photo. The one with the baby. I can't stop laughing!

3:06 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Hiagain thar Ms. Dogstrider...Yeah, I think there are those out there better at photo-defacing than I...but hopefully I can soar to new heights (depths?) after gauging the competition!

9:16 PM  

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