Tuesday, February 05, 2008

And all this time you thot I was "Apolitical"...
I think I've become a political ANIMAL!

Wait, no I haven't, but you gotta admit that's an eye-catching headline. Anyway, I don't really engage in a whole lot of political debate, and am not one of those who immerse myself within the endless swirling jet stream of hotbed issues everyone seems to be talking about (or, at least what the talking heads on MSNBC are always talking about...).

Well, a couple of important points have emerged in this year's caucuses and the debates leading up to them and from various candidate-stumpings along the well-beaten Path to the Prezzidency...first we'll deal with the Democrat side of things...it's been pretty much assumed that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton aren't exactly bosom buddies; just this week, at the State of the Union Speech, Obama actually turned away from supporter Ted Kennedy when Hillary reached out to shake Kennedy's hand...and, at a recent Democrat-candidates' debate, the following exchange Actually Took Place:

Whereas, over on the Republican side of things, it's been pretty-well documented that John McCain, war hero and candidate, and Mitt Romney (the super-wealthy-richer-than-anyone Mormon candidate) really don't like each other very much. So I suppose one wouldn't be the running mate if the other one wins, heh heh...anyway, the following exchange Actually Happened At A Recent Repubb-lican debate...

Both photos were swiped from www.spokesmanreview.com/blogs/hbo, the internet's best place to steal photos from.

I can safely tell you that all of the above candidates won their share of states, although it looks like Mike Huckabee (also a Repubb-lican) has actually displaced ol' wooden-headed Mitt Romney as McCain's main challenger. Which goes to show, I guess, that Big Money is no substitute for personal appeal; Huckabee's nowhere near one-50th as rich as Romney. I like Huckabee 'cos he plays bass guitar. As long as no one thinks he's "off-bass", he's got a shot at this thing.

I actually watched almost all of tonight's returns on MSNBC...I'm shocked; I actually DID THAT? After the returns came in, the candidates all gave post-caucus speeches, and from those speeches I gathered one thing: No One Candidate Is Going To Be Able To Do All They Said They'd Do If Elected Prezzident. But I'd sure like to see us get out of Iraq (which costs us big bucks) and throw some of that money at the health-care system. But that's just me...anything's gotta be better than what we've had for the last 8 years.

I do have one observation which no one's thought about, but will strike you as Painfully Obvious And True...remember how Jimmy Carter became quite the statesman after his Prezzidency was over? I don't think that's gonna happen for George W. Bush...


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

You are so right. How come so many buy into all those grandiose promises??

1:41 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Hi, Ms. Dogwalker...all of the candidates make promises; I think their supporters expect them to. But Obama said the most profound thing that I'd heard all night; that fixing problems was going to take time. And, in this world, we all know everything takes more time than we originally thought it would. Things such as the War in Iraq, for example.

5:44 PM  

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