Monday, January 28, 2008

Whatever, let's just find a replacement QUICK...

Tonight, maybe even now as I'm putting this post together, "Mr. Prezzident" will give his "State Of The Union" speech. I don't care. I don't give a rat's patootie what Mr. Bush is going to say. This country is floundering under his leadership. Leadership? What leadership? And, can any of the up-and-coming candidates do any better than Dubya, Chimpy, or whatever you wanna call him?? I haven't a clue. Can they do any worse? LET'S HOPE NOT! They all say stuff, promise stuff, and rip each other to shreds in dog-and-pony-show debates. I am very disenchanted with the whole scene.

Ross Perot, if you're out there, why don't YOU try running again? You just might find yourself in the White House come next January if ya do. That's 'cos, I am not seeing anyone right now, who makes me think things are gonna be much different once the existing Prezzendial term ends. (See the 'countdown clock' in the left margin of this blog; yep, that's how much more time we've got to endure the Current Pretender To The Prezzidency.) Meantime, the little comic item pictured below is how a lot of politicians, both Democrat and Republican, as well as at least 70% of the electorate, feels about the Current Administration:

Goodbye, Mr. Prezzident. Your time is almost through. After this speech you're giving tonight, please just go hide out at Camp David for the rest of your term, okay? I can't recall when people were more disenchanted with a Prezzident. Maybe in Herbert Hoover's time. Maybe in the Nixon administration, post-Watergate-breakin. Maybe in the Clinton administration, post-Monica.

I guess tomorrow is Super Tuesday, in which a few folks in a few assorted states will be attempting to tell the rest of us who we can vote for come November. The only thing I know for sure is that I don't want to see anyone get elected who wants to keep our nation involved in the Iraq situation any longer. The only way to fight a "war on terror" is to protect ourselves AGAINST it. Secure our borders. Put our troops to work here, in our country. Let all of those Middle East wackos blow themselves up. They're already doing that. Can you say "suicide bomber?" I knew ya could...


Politics, schmolotics!


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