Monday, January 21, 2008

BLUE OYSTER CULT might return!!!
...all they'd have to do is write a song called "BLOG-ZILLA"...

There it sits in my TV room. It knows sooner or later that it will be draining my energy. I firmly resolve not to spend yet another entire evening online, searching for 'this', answering 'that', investigating 'this' or downloading 'that'...and, with jaw set in place, I plop down in front of the TV, in total control, for I know the computer, which is right by side in the form of an innocent-looking little laptop, will NOT totally absorb my consciousness tonight. It won't. I won't let it. And then a couple of hours later, here I am writing this post. I feel compelled to do so. I have no control. I Have To Go To The Computer. So here I am.

I LOVE going online. How did I ever survive before cyberspace presented itself? Didn't I actually used to do things? You know, go out and be part of humanity, stuff like that. Maybe it's good that I'm online at this age, for while my body's slowed down as I've trudged thru my '50s, my mind still races around inside my cranium at least four and a half times the speed of light, or so it seems. Especially when there's so much to do, ON THE COMPUTER. So, I'm slogging my way through another post which doesn't seem to be saying an awful lot, yet here I am, throwing words up on the screen the way a short-order cook slings hash. But I've prepared for this particular post...after all, a picture's worth a thousand words...especially when the wordage doesn't seem to be saying anything...

...and this is kinda how I'm feeling lately. Even though January 1st has come and gone, can I go back and make a New Years' rezzolution, to Try and Gain Some Control over My Time? If indeed my intention is to do just that, I'm going about it all wrong. For, in addition to maintaining this website, I'm also hosting a "group" on Yahoo (see the left margin of this blog for details)...and for that "group", I've been doing research, investigating, listening, analyzing and commenting. I think I need to install a time clock in my house so I can punch it when I go online...

What I want to do is try to maintain both of these entities, this blog and that group, without totally wearing off my fingertips on the computer keyboard; after all, I need them to play guitar, right? Play guitar? You mean I could actually turn off this computer right now and go DO THAT? Novel concept! Although, it's actually 2:30 in the morning, and I wanna go to bed. This computer kept me up past dawn yesterday, and I don't want to do that too often; otherwise, I'll probably end up sleeping upside-down, hanging from the coat rack in my I'll offer up a few little thots which have been circling in my brain...and then I'll go. I promise.

Ol' man winter...that ol' man winter...Up thar in North Idaho, where I used to live, it's gonna be cold this week. I heard "below zero" towards mid-week. Brrrrrrr. One of my friends from up there sent me an e-mail which was supposed to contain a picture of all the snow they've received lately. Only, the picture didn't come through for some reason. All I saw was white space where a foto shoulda been. Wait...maybe THAT was the picture she sent...?

My problematic and preposterous prognostication: It looks like it's gonna be NEW ENGLAND (Patriots) and NEW YORK (Giants) in the Stupor Bowl, coming up in a couple of weeks. I usually try to predict the outcome of the big game, but I already predicted that Green Bay would win today, and, well, uh...I mean, Green Bay shoulda won...they don't have a covered stadium; they're used to playing when the weather's crummy, and it was 4 degrees above zero at 'game start' today. I'll bet Packers QB Brett Favre wishes he could get that pass 'back'; you know, the one he tossed for an I ain't gonna predict. But, someone else already has; the official 'line' right now says New England will win by 14. If they do, they'll be the first undefeated NFL team since the 1972 Miami Dolphins. 1972 B.C. , that is. As in "before computers".

Beware of man-eating fenceposts! A couple of months ago, when I went out to the mailbox, for some unknown reason, I put my hand on a fencepost as I ambled along. A CEDAR fencepost. BIG MISTAKE. I don't know why ANYONE makes ANYTHING out of Cedar; it's grainy, it's dry-looking, and it practically THROWS splinters at you if you come anywhere near it. I noticed after a couple of days that one of my TYPING FINGERS had splinters in it. So I pulled 'em out. Still, my finger felt weird. A couple of days later, I pulled out more splinters. Since then, I've used enough band-aids and 'wound preparation cream' to keep your average M*A*S*H unit going for half a year, re-opening the skin, pulling out splinters, dressing the skin and then band-aiding it again. The really bad thing about Cedar? It splinters into little fragments which hook into your skin and hide waaay down deep. I think Cedar should be Outlawed along with other Dangerous Weapons. Right now, my finger's better than it was, but there are still some little barbed microscopic tissue-consuming Cedar gremlins in my finger. The band-aids await. And, as one can see, the splinters haven't kept me from blogging. I still have several good fingers yet.

Seriously, I'm surprised that "Weird Al" Yankovick hasn't already recorded "Blog-Zilla". As for Blue Oyster Cult, they're probably set to appear soon in Butte, Montana or Riggins, Idaho, as usually is the fate of formerly famous bands. Hey, don't laugh. I saw Grand Funk Railroad on the Oregon Coast last year...LITERALLY on the coast... they set up on the beach sand for a local small-town festival here. Rock and ROLL!!!


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