Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Especially if you're 1 of 2 turkeys in Washington, D.C....

Every year, a couple of turkeys in our nation's capital are brought to national prominence, because they've been spared from the chopping block. And so, newsclips of our Prezzident's turkey-pardon are being aired repeatedly all over the various news channels, and they'll be shown so often, we'll end up thinking a vegetarian-lobby is paying for all of the bird-mercy footage being shown these days.

Some critics say this administration isn't helping its image by pardoning ANYTHING, let alone a turkey. Well, it turns out that, rather than being spared from the chopping block, a few turkeys in this administration have been allowed to resign instead. And upon typing the above, the following joke just flew into my brain (I'd like to say I made it up, but this joke is so obvious, chances are, it's an old joke that I've never heard before.):

Q: What is the difference between a regular turkey and a Washington, D.C. turkey?
A: The Washington, D.C. turkey doesn't have feathers.

Finally, the week preceding Thanksgiving in our nation's capital can be quite stressful, as the following photo effectively demonstrates:

No Thanksgiving invites for me by, cos I'm always defacing their photos.

Happy Thanksgiving, all...


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