Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I honestly and absolutely have NO IDEA...

I might as well get on the ol' political bandwagon. After all, everyone else is talking about the upcoming Prezzential election, WHICH IS NOT HAPPENING UNTIL NEXT NOVEMBER. So, much like you'll always see Christmas commercials airing before Halloween (not that many ads actually say "Christmas", but that's another matter), those who are serious about running for Prezzident spend an amount of time roughly equal to that of half-a-Prezzidential-term running for office. Kinda makes ya wonder who's really running the country, but then again, I've wondered that for the last 7 years under the Dubya-Bushed administration.

This time around, there are numerous candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties running for the Prezzidency. And that doesn't even begin to include the amount of Harold Stassen-type fringe figures out there, representing the Unitarian Liberal-Conservative Fundamentalist-Wacko party...there's always a few of those kind of nut cases out there, after all. And, this time around, for the first-time ever, a WOMAN is running for Prezzident. (Would she be more correctly referred to as a "Prezzidette"?) And, hoo-boy, is she ever an outspoken woman. She's kinda scary, actually. Of course, I find almost all outspoken people just a little bit scary...

I have heard that maybe it IS time for a Woman Prezzident. ("ette"?) And, there's a new MSNBC promo currently airing that says, "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are asking each other, 'Are You Experienced?'", and later in that spot, the network says it's the "Democratic Prezzidential EXPERIENCE". MSNBC gets points for paraphrasing Jimi Hendrix, but that doesn't make Hillary any less scary. Actually, I wonder if we should be scared of ALL the candidates. But, whenever I see Hillary giving a speech or answering questions, I just kinda get the feeling she is really LOUD and ABRASIVE. That's the sum of my political knowledge.

Yet, I have heard some women say that, yes, now is the time for a female Prezzidential candidate, but that Hillary isn't the woman they want in the White House. I heard one of the candidates ask, how can she be qualified for the Prezzidency if she has such limited political experience, that she's never run a corner grocery store, let alone a Prezzidential administration. Obviously, though, she has a way of picking up supporters, plus, she's got the "Bill Factor" thrown in, but whether the Former Prezzident will help or hinder her chances, well, I don't know. Although if she's elected, at least we don't have to worry about another MonicaGate. I hope.

Ya gotta admit, she does have ways of picking up political support!

So is it time for a Woman Prezzident? I don't know, but one thing I'm sure of is that she couldn't screw things up any worse than they already are...right? I said, "RIGHT?"


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