Friday, October 26, 2007

This was quite a day indeed...
It was so nice, it was almost otherworldly...

"This is why I came": Whenever I drive to the beach, and I get out of my car and take my first few steps on the sand, that's what I think, no matter what the weather's like. I've sat by the ocean during fog and high tides; I've walked against the strong coastal winds, sometimes struggling to keep my balance, and other days, like today...October 26th, not all that far from winter...well, today was a GLORIOUS day. I took my guitar and sat where the scrub grass meets the beach sand, about 100 feet from the ocean itself...and there was little wind, and it was WARM. Surprisingly warm. I played for no one, since I was just about the only person on the beach, and I played for two hours, in between swigs from my bottle of Dr. Pepper. Lakes, rivers, mountains, hills and trees are beautiful, yes, but something within me needs the extra-added "kick" the Ocean provides. And, that's why I came.

I almost got a 'house call': Last week, I had a consultation appointment with a doctor whom I was referred to by my doctor. They're both in the same building with offices right next to each other. Which meant I had to go into the same building where I think I caught the flu a couple months ago. Ulp! On the way to the appointment, I left a note for my original doctor, saying his reduction of my gout drug dosage didn't work, that my gout symptoms returned...and also that I'd felt dizziness ever since I'd first come down with the flu. The flu's gone now, but some dizziness remains. Would you believe, that today I got the next best thing to a HOUSE CALL? Yep, my DOCTOR actually called ME today and left an extensive message on my answering machine. He returned me to my original medication dosage, and he said my dizziness was probably the result of some viral ear infection that could take some time to resolve itself. Oh yeah? But the thing is, he actually called me and personally addressed my situation! That is very positive. And, on days like this, I can't help but feel there's hope, y'know?

The World Serious: Well, 'serious' because if the Colorado Rockies can't get it together in the next couple of days, the BoSox will have won the World Series for the second time since 2004. I heard a DJ say on the radio today that "while the Colorado Rockies may tout Christian principles, if they don't win tomorrow night, they don't have a prayer". (I guess the Rockies must be a fairly 'devotional' group o'fellas.) I do know the Rockies will need some 'divine intervention' if they're gonna win the 'Series'; so far it looks like Boston has a lot more depth on their team than does Colorado. In last night's game, I was really impressed with Boston's pitcher Curt ("bloody sock") Schilling. He can't throw as hard as he used to, but he used a wide pitch selection to confound the batters. This game may have taken more effort from him than when he was pitching long ago for the Arizona Cardinals, when he could toss "high heat" past the batters (Arizona won that World Series). This time around, Schilling PITCHED, outfoxing and confusing the Rockies' batters. Impressive.

She would have been 81 today: My Mom. My best friend when I was growing up. My Mom, who taught me to be considerate of others. My Mom, who took pride in my accomplishments. My Mom, who would keep dinner warm for me late at night when I came home from my grocery store job. My Mom, who would take me shopping at second-hand stores. My Mom, who always worried about me and cared about what I thought. My Mom, who I could talk to, REALLY talk to, when I was growing up. My Mom, who tried so hard to hold everything together for my sister and me when Dad was out on the road for weeks at a time. My Mom, who really did try to be the 'world's best Mother'. My Mom, singing spirituals as she played ukelele or keyboards; her music was ever-present in our house. My Mom, who I had last seen two days before she died. By then her cancer rendered her unable to move, and when I left her side, I prayed to God, that he would "come and take her". Mom, you are part of my life every single day. And I will never forget you.

I can't close this out without mentioning a TV commercial I just saw, for "Aqua-Pod" Water. That's right, WATER! It's packaged in a squat, funky-looking clear plastic bottle. And the announcer says, "your kids will drink more WATER because of the (squat, funky) shape of the Aqua-Pod BOTTLE." Huh? What? It's WATER, f'cryin' out loud. Kids want pop, juice, kool-aid, ANYTHING but water! I know; I used to be a kid! (Still am, sometimes.) The "down" side to "Aqua-Pod"? You not only have to keep your water bill paid, you pay extra for water in a bottle. Is this a messed-up world, or what?


Blogger raymond pert said...

If the Rockies are going to wake up and get their potent offense going again, it obviously needs to be tonight. Schilling is the first pitcher in baseball history to win World Series games in his twenties, thirties, and forties (with the Phils, Diamondbacks/Red Sox, and now the Red Sox again. Pretty remarkable.

Your tribute to your mom is really touching. You might have been born with music in you, but she sure helped bring it out.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

You know, the weird thing is, that Mom and Dad never really wanted me to pursue music; they wanted me to have "priorities", and wanted me to be a doctor or lawyer, or quite a few other things I could never relate to. But Mom and Dad could both play music; how could they expect me not to? They made me take violin and piano, and I wasn't really good at those, but I have some natural ability on drums and guitar; I wish I had more actively pursued both those instruments when I was a lot younger. But oh, no, I was trying to be "something else". Oh well.

8:05 PM  

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