Sunday, October 28, 2007

So did I pass the "Free I.Q. Test"?
Maybe I should have my head examined sometime soon?

Up-front, I am a self-centered, self-absorbed blogger. I say that because I type my life away on this site, and I'm so pathetically ego-centric that I don't read any other blogs. Harrumph! But tonite, well, I went a-blog-readin'. I wanted to read about what other people felt about whatever stuff they were concerned with, and I read a few fairly amusing blogs, but alas, none so amusing as My Blog, or so I'd like to think, anyway. One of those blogsites had a link to a FREE I.Q. TEST, so I jumped in and basically fell for it. I clicked "go", and all of a sudden up popped all kinds of product offers that I had to turn down. Nope, don't want 'em. So, on one hand, maybe my I.Q. isn't so hot, because I fell victim to an obvious cyber-ploy, but then again, I turned down all the offers, so maybe my I.Q. is doing all right after all. And with that, I progressed to the FREE I.Q. TEST page.

I answered all kinds of weird test questions involving shapes, angles, reasoning, association, mathematics, historical knowledge and so forth, and on some of those questions, I didn't have a clue. Not only that, but I was taking a TEST on my own FREE TIME, so how dumb does THAT make me? I suppose I'm a vain person who wants someone to tell me I'm knowledgable, gifted and smart. And how dumb is that, because society is not conditioned to view things in a positive manner. It's my experience that rejection is always utilized more than approval. So, maybe I was excersing false hope under the misguided gold-plated fickle-finger of fate. But this was something I had to try. And I resolved firmly, to finish this test that I had started.

So I answered tons of questions on that free I.Q. test, because at my rapidly advancing age, I wanted to know how brain cells I'd lost since I'd last taken an I.Q. test. My gosh...questions like, "if X likes Z, and Z likes A, then X will also like A, true or false?"...I also encountered questions involving convoluted reasoning and general irrelevance; you know, qualities that most politicians need if they're gonna be successful. Finally, I reached the end of the test, and hit the "Submit" button. Oh boy! I was gonna see how SMART I am! Einstein, look out! Here I come!

Thing is, I never found out what my I.Q. was, because, after hitting "submit", I was directed to another web page that said (and I'm paraphrasing here), "while you are waiting for your I.Q. evaluation, please tell us about yourself". I was supposed to supply my full name, my phone number, my e-mail address, my residence address and all kindsa other stuff which would render me yet more vulnerable to receiving more junk mail than I already do whether it be in my Junk Mail folder, or in my residence mailbox. In short, I couldn't find out what my I.Q. was without revealing the kind of details that spammers lick their chops over. That's when I decided that "this is pure CRAP" and left my I.Q. results hanging in the air, because I didn't wanna supply all of cyberspace with the story of my life. I'd been manipulated ENOUGH. ZAP! I clicked the "X" in the upper right corner of my screen, and I was GONE. And maybe that was my most intelligent decision of the evening. So I guess my I.Q., which can fluctuate, depending on how stupid I am on any given day, is doing okay after all. There appears to be "judgment" in there somewhere.

This is what enticed me to take that I.Q. test. But somehow, I'm kinda thinkin' that the guy in the picture wouldn't have fallen for it. So maybe I'm more like the guy with the ice cream cone? Duhhhhhh...


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