Monday, October 22, 2007

Insignificant Tidbits...
Think of this, if you will, as a sort of cyber-goulash...

*I posted quite some time ago that I had caught my latest bout of FLU at the doctor's clinic. Well, I went back there today and the doctor and said, "I don't think you caught it here; it takes 7 to 10 days before symptoms show up." All I know is, I had gone there on a Monday. I started feeling weird the following day. By Friday, several days later, I was down for the count. I still think that's where I caught it. Oh, by the way...I had no relapse (that I know of) after today's doctors' office visit. Maybe one way to be immune to the flu is to CATCH the flu?

*I'm watching Monday Night Football right now. And the broadcast would be a lot more enjoyable if there was some way I could edit out Tony Kornheiser's remarks. He's some sort of a sports critic, but to me he just sounds clueless and irrelevant. Go home, Tony! Probably, the same lame-brained TV executive who put Dennis Miller on MNF is the same one who thot Kornheiser would sound like some sort of statesman. Ack.

*I've had this laptop computer since February, and I am STILL not used to this little flat keyboard. I make so many MISTAKES typing on this little contraption. My fingers miss the angles and spaciousness of a traditional computer keyboard. And I keep accidentally hitting keys which cause my computer to do all kinds of weird stuff...I tell ya, I'd go back to a full-size machine, but it's hard to put a desktop computer in your lap, when sitting in the ol' La-Z-Boy, so I guess I'll just continue to suffer.

*Where's William Proxmire when you need him? He's the Senator who achieved notoreity by coming out with a yearly "Golden Fleece" award, given to gov't. agencies which waste the most money. I read today that NASA is NOT going to disclose the results of an air-safety survey it recently undertook as part of an $8.5 million-dollar safety project. Thousands of airplane pilots were contacted up until 2005. Since then, NASA has ordered the "contractor who conducted the survey" to delete all related data from its computers. Yep, this sounds like Golden Fleece to me! Pilots had reported an increase in mishaps such as "bird-strikes" and "near-misses". NASA thinks release of this data will "materially affect the public confidence...of the air carriers"...well, DUH. In the meantime, that's our tax money goin' down ye old proverbial drain. That's yer government, lookin' out fer YOU. In the meantime, I'll just stay on the ground.

*So it's the Colorado Rockies and the Boston Red Sox coming up in the "Rocks and Sox" World Series. (Some intelligent sports writer obviously came up with that...) I'd like to think the momentum is with the Red Sox, but I don't know a thing about Colorado. Except that it's waaaay up high in the atmosphere. Can the Sox handle the thin air? After the last few playoff games, I switched immediately to ESPN. That way I don't have to listen to Jeannie Zelasko, the FOX network's sports-siren. I just find her unlikable. What IS she doing on a sports show? Other than making all of the other commentators on the show hurry up their comments so she can speak once more into the camera before time runs out...

*I've had to slow down my Ebay buying for a while. It's property-tax time down here on the South Coast, and in a couple of months, it'll be home-insurance-time, closely followed by car-insurance-time. And I'll have all of that taken care of just in time to undergo income-tax-time. I think once you realize that money was never meant to be KEPT, then you'll feel better about alla those bills. True, money can't buy you happiness. But it can sure keep the creditors off your back.

*Finally, here's living proof that 45rpm singles are STILL BEING MADE. You have to special-order them, though, and oftentimes, they are import items, such as the Paul McCartney Record I've pictured below:

"Jenny Wren" is from Paul's previous album, "Chaos and Creation" from 2005. And, I also bought a single, "Dance Tonight" from his current album, "Memory Almost Full". But it's an ugly, specially-shaped single that is difficult to play. It's a special-edition 45-rpm record on an irregularly sized piece of plastic. Ugh. The song's great, but the single is hard to play! And it doesn't fit in the box with all the other 45's. Boo Hiss.....

This is Paul's newest single; the sleeve (L) and the record. What is it shaped like? Can anyone tell me? And not only that, it features the SAME SONG on both sides. Hmmm...usually Paul puts a non-album track on the B-side...yer not runnin' outta songs, are ya, Paul?


Okay, time for me to (mercifully) end things and watch the 2nd half of Monday Night Football. One thing I know for sure...I won't be seeing Jeannie Zelasko at the end of the game. Sometimes life is good.


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