Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oh boy, THIS oughta be exciting...ZZZZZzzzzzz....

I have just found out that I am 50% addicted to blogging...(you can see for yourself in the left might have to scroll down just a wee-bit)...and I wasn't even gonna post tonight! But I ran across a site which featured 14 questions which supposedly determine how blog-addicted you are, based upon how you answer the questions. And the last question in that survey really set me up: "Do you plan to publish a post about what your blog-level is?" So, basically, I got tricked into posting tonight. It's not my fault, officer! I was set up! Honest! "SLAM" goes the door to the blackout cell...

There was one blogger who contributes regularly to a site I visit, who'd said he was eliminating one of his blogs, since the premise of that blog no longer fit him, the person. Well, okay, I can see that; after all, things run their course. At the same time, I've kept this particular blogging soap-opera going for over 600 posts now, and I don't really see an end to it, at least not in this millenium. So what keeps it going? I mean, soon, I'll close in on 700 blogs, and someday, I may even pass Barry Bonds, if each home run equals a blog-post. (although I do hit a lot of 'fouls' here!) What's the secret to the longevity of this blog? Well, it sure can't be any semblance of talent. Hard-headedness, perhaps. And a (perhaps foolish) belief that people actually choose this blogsite as a destination and take seriously the various topix that I expound upon.

I have never really wanted to be fenced into one category or another; in fact, this blogsite could be 'any' kind of blog on any given day. And maybe that's the key. No format! That allows me the luxury of popping anything into this blogsite without having to worry about any sort of sense of continuity. My blogging philosophy could be boiled down to this: "No a format". I think that us human "beans" are all multi-faceted creatures, with our own particular sets of complications; how can any of us really be roped into one corral, when life turns, twists and mercilessly undulates all of the time? So I suppose this blog could be a reflection of the different sides of ME that reveal themselves, and need to be dealt with. And of course, being bi-polar (which I am), probably only adds to the relative nerviness and sometimes zany sentiments which spout forth within my little corner o'cyberspace.

Sometimes I'm critical. Sometimes I'm humorous, although some would debate that. Sometimes I put nothing but sheer IDIOCY in here. And yeah, this blog reflects my various biases, that of being pro-Beatle, anti-conventional, anti-politically-correct, unabashedly anti-politician, and overwhelmingly disgusted with everything that concerns this current Prezzedential administration. Face's a JOKE. Except, that it's not funny...but I digress here...sometimes I write about music, or news, or sports, or feelings, or whatever else comes to could I ever have one blog, where I only wrote about one category of thing? And yet, I am much too disorganized to have several blogs, each of them about a separate "thing", and I'd be too lazy to keep them all straight. So I might just as well do things this way. Works for me! I've been influenced by comic strips, books I've read, political "spin" that I hear, various journalism instructors I've had, and it all just kinda synthesizes in a pseudo-osmosis-sort of way here. And sometimes when I read my entries over, I think, "wow, I did that?" And other times, I think, "gawd, I was in a bad head space there."

I am nowhere NEAR the person that I appear to be on this blog. I keep to myself, I am actually quite shy, and increasingly neurotic as the years pass and age takes its toll. But, my mind is always racing ahead of me at thousands of miles per hour, and when I put words in here, they seem to fall together much easier, than if I have to go and actually say them to someone. My mind has a way of running rampant, and that, combined with an almost 80-words-per-minute typing speed, lets my brain just speed along, zipping out words faster than I can think sometimes (a tendency with, sadly, is evidenced in the stuff I write at times). I observe, I read, I feel, and sometimes I even think, and it all gets pent-up until I "let loose" in here. Maybe the person I 'appear to be' on this blog is the person I would actually like to BE. Except, some of the time, I get kinda 'smart-assed' in here...I'm not sure I like that side of myself. But it's there just the same.

And, I think part of the reason I post here comes from some sort of twisted competition between one side of my personality and the other. I am always competing with myself, looking mostly in vain, for that refreshingly original way to say an original 'something'; always looking for that 'concept' or that 'emotion' or that 'viewpoint' which will really set what I do apart from everyone else. And maybe I'm a hypocrite, too. For, while I type this blog so that people will stop by and read, it is only very occasionally that I read the posts of others. So, add "self-centeredness" to that "smart-assed" side of my personality. And I'm not sure I like that side of myself either. But I really like to blog-post, and if someone comes away from this lil' place thinking "hmmm...that's different", then maybe I've achieved whatever affect I've tried to accomplish. I guess as long as my posts don't get as ugly as the little fellow pictured below, I'm doin' okay....

...the facial expression you see here represents that of readers who have endured my more moronic entries...

I do get a kick out of authoring this blog, even if no one reads it. And I find it amazing that I'm only "50% addicted" to blogging. Unless, of course, that's another way of saying that blogging takes up HALF OF MY LIFE! All I can say to that is, on Friday nights, I used to party. Now I blog.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

I love the variety on your blog and the fact you seem to know so much about so many things. I don't always take the time to comment but I always take the time to at least skim it!

12:40 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

Ms. Dogwalker, I think that rather than dazzling with brilliance, I "baffle with bull____. But I'm glad you stop by on a regular basis. Especially since you are at least 25% of my regular readership!

3:20 AM  
Blogger Word Tosser said...

I think having a variety of subjects is what makes blogging fun. And the reason we continue on and not get burnt out. I know there have been several times you were close but still you came back like the moth to the flame. lol...
And as long as it is fun.. we blog on.
Got to ask the chicken and egg question..
were you blogging and then came across HBO, or did you come across HBO and said I can do that???
I agree, some times the words just flow out of the keys even when you sit down and don't think you have anything.
Always love your blog, and it educates me too..(the puzzles on the side)

7:40 AM  

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