Monday, July 23, 2007

Tidbits from the cobwebs of my mind...
...stuff I had rolling around inside my spacious cranial cavity...

Tammy Faye: She passed away, cancer was the cause, a short time after she'd appeared on Larry King's CNN show. Whatever her reason for wanting to be televised one last time, I guess you have to admit the woman was full of life. I know there's a lot of people out there who think she was full of something else, too...I don't know...that whole PTL thing years ago was just pretty doggone strange, wasn't it? Her appearance on the King show last week was hard to watch, and I only saw a clip from that show, and not the entire clip, either. I couldn't look at it. It took me back to the year 2001. Mom, I remember you. Fondly. Cancer be not proud.

I hope I'm wrong about this: The Seattle Mariners, who have cultivated a love-hate relationship with baseball fans here in the northwest forever-and-a-day, haven't scored at all in their last 21 innings. Ichiro, the marquee player, has 3, yes, 3, "ribbies" in the month of July...not something you want to have happen to ya after you've inked a new multi-zillion-dollar contract. Former "phenom" Felix Rodriguez melted down on the mound as the M's lost 8-0 to whoever they played. Hey, it was an early game (10am start time PST) and I missed it. Looks like this was the game to miss, if I was gonna miss a game. Although, in some twisted way, the after-game call-in show is more fun to listen to if the M's lose, 'cos everyone is griping. Maybe it's more fun to be mad, after all?

Baaaaybeeeee, it's humid outside: Down here on the O-coast, it has been really "sticky" lately. Right now, I can't stand myself. I'm working up a sweat just typing this post. So this is a weather condition that's pretty new to me. Constant humidity. Hopefully, some coastal winds will breeze thru and blow all this humidity inland, wreaking havoc-rendering thunderstorms everywhere else, but at least I'll be able to stand myself. (Wow, that sounds self-centered!) It's been true "pit" weather around here lately. Not really hot, but humid. I guess no matter where folks live, there's a gripe...maybe, collectively, the human race is just never 'really' happy. The price we pay for being human, it would seem.

All of a sudden, a craving for Orange Soda: I don't know if it's the humidity doing this to me, but all of a sudden, every time I go into a quick-mini-instant-semi-convenient thrifty-mart somewhere, whenever I pass the pop cooler, ORANGE SODA looks mighty good. Why now? So I take my bottle of Orange pop up to the check stand, and each time I do, I end up behind someone buying LOTTERY TICKETS...they scratch 'em off right there at the cash register; if they have a 'winner', the clerk then has to look up the amount to be paid on a screen, then reimburses the lottery player who then asks for MORE TICKETS!!! All I can say is, it's a good thing pop comes in PLASTIC BOTTLES these days, or I'd probably grit my teeth and increase my grip level on the bottle until it broke in my hands. I suppose much loss of blood such as this has been prevented by Plastic Pop Bottles.

Big startling controversial news tidbit: I did NOT buy the new Harry Potter book when I went to K-mart today. I looked at the big Potter display in front of the store, thot "naaaaah" and proceeded to the "pet" department to buy stuff for my birds. I suppose I could buy one of those books, tear out the pages and line my bird cages with it, but newsprint is a whole lot cheaper than one of Ms. Rowling's tomes.

My personal message to Barry Bonds: Will you PLEASE hurry up and HIT THE 3 DAMN HOME RUNS YOU NEED TO SET THE NEW HOME RUN RECORD??? I am up to HERE with alla the HYPE, f'cryin' out loud!!! Is there a corruption-prone pitcher out there I can PAY to toss Barry a couple of 40-mile-an-hour lobs? ANYTHING so we can just get back to baseball! Barry, I wish you all the best, but it's times like these I just wish you'd go AWAY.

It's still a train wreck: Being early Monday Morning, 3am PST, Joe Scarborough's newsie-folksy-smarmy-fairly-idiotic early morning show is on AGAIN...I guess he's the permanent occupant of the former Don Imus slot? I suppose Scarborough and I have some deep-seeded sort of personality conflict, but his relatively coarse style of endlessly jabbering ceaselessly, just grates on me. He's talking about flash-in-the-pan soccer-wannabee David Beckham's appearance, and this is a quote from ol' Joe: "I'm a soccer dork". I guess Joe's obviously a P.H.D...NOT! I miss Don Imus. Greatly. As far as soccer is concerned, I think its BORING. I'd rather watch C-Span. Or Paint Peeling. Who the heck is David Beckham? Hot stuff in the soccer world, I guess. The promo line for soccer is, "you're a fan; you just don't know it yet." I am? I'm shocked.

A sport I care even less about: Pro Basketball. And I know I'm not a fan. But I read in today's paper that an NBA referee is in potentially really hot (and humid) water for being involved in some of point-shaving scheme. And some of those games that he shaved on points, he actually REFEREED. That's about as dumb as a county prosecutor and his hottie co-worker exchanging flirtatious e-mails on county courthouse computers. Don't laugh; this has actually happened. Back to pro basketball: It used to be a thing of grace and beauty; strategy...long, arching shots from the its evolved into gang-style street-ball with plenty of trash-talking as 7-foot athletes with 4-foot long arms slam a basketball thru a rim 10-feet high. I think I'd actually rather watch SOCCER. Oh my gosh...I need to have my head examined.

Bumper Stickerz: This one kinda caught my eye: "Money talks...mine says goodbye". Another one said, "Drive defensively...I'm sixteen". Gosh...if that's the case...I guess I'd better wear a helmet when I drive my car. Meantime, gas on the O-Coast, at least at the station I siphon my money away at, is locked in at $2.92 for the second straight week. Hey, if that's "price fixing", I'd like to "fix" gas prices at, say, $1.98 a gallon. Vote for meeeeeeee!!!!!!!

And finally: I know a lot of photos have been put on the web which basically castigate and severely demean our Prezzident. So who am I to be any different?

I was trying to explain my photo-program to my sister in an e-mail, and I typed, "this program, if I wanted to, would allow me to put George Bush's head on a CHICKEN". So this is a conceptual masterpiece. From dreams to reality. And that reality? The nightmare of Bush's Prezzidency.

Meanwhile, I couldn't take it anymore; I had to take my TV remote and "Mute" the Scarborough program; enough was ENOUGH! Time now for my post-blogging shower...


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