Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Professional Quarterback...
...who might have "thrown" it all away!!!

Yeah, one of the big stories in the world of sports is all about Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick. Ultra-talented, commanding a huge salary, and up until recently, having the respect of everyone in football. No, wait a minute, he could possibly not be commanding that huge salary after all. For, you see, the news has come out recently that he's (allegedly) been heavily involved in DOGFIGHTING activities. And we're not talking about the Taco Bell chihuahua vs. "Eddie", the punky little dog on the old "Frasier" TV Show. Nope, the dogs involved in these brouhahas are salivating, man-eating beasts that are capable of ripping the flesh off each other and any spectators within biting distance. Not the kind of dogs I'd want my neighbor to have, although one of his dogs comes close. ARF!!!

Why, oh why, Michael? You're a feared presence on the football field. You're rich. You can have anything you want, and probably DO. You're the envy of pro athletes across this nation of ours. NIKE was in the process of putting out a SHOE with your NAME on it! And I've heard on Sports Radio that you might go to PRISON for this? Where the only football field you'd play on is esconced deep within a correctional facility, whose exercise yard is surrounded by 20-foot-high cement walls that also extend 12 feet deep into the ground? (You can tell I'm a regular viewer of MSNBC's "Lockup" programs...) And instead, of a multi-gazillion-dollar yearly salary, you might end up making 12 and a half cents an hour stamping out LICENSE PLATES??? THIS IS DUMB, MICHAEL!!!


He's innocent until proven guilty, of course. If found guilty, well, there is a bright spot...on a prison exercise yard, you don't hafta worry about ASTROTURF. And finally, what do you call a fight between two Taco Bell dogs? A "chihuahua brouhaha". Say that 20 times, fast.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Would the grand jury have handed down an indictment without pretty sound evidence?

Is he dumb or just arrogant beyond belief?

4:59 PM  
Blogger Idaho Escapee said...

I wasn't shocked by hearing about another pro athlete who got involved in illicit activity; its becoming almost an everyday occurrence. I was disgusted, though. I can imagine YOU, Ms. Dogwalker, must have been virtually LEVELED by this. Well, I just thot of something...there are people who engage in cockfighting, right? Well, I have one parrot, a Mom and Dad finch, and today I just found out one of their eggs hatched. How about that!

2:18 AM  

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